WOW Saddle Design

Brilliant with horses for centuries British saddlery, with state of the art materials, design and construction, is a leader in leather craft and engineering. Now is WOW…

Today with patents that include a modular design, and other ingenious design patents, WOW saddles provide options in
→Dressage Saddles,
→Cross Country Saddles,
→Jumping Saddles,
→Endurance Saddles,
→Close Contact Saddles,
→General Purpose Saddles, and
→Western Cutting, Reining and Pleasure Saddles
→Exercise Racing Saddles.

Saddle panels use Flair flocking or traditional wool, they are soft and light to the horses back.
They fill in the gaps along the back on every stride. Are infinitely adjustable.
Allowing corrective fitting for diagonal symmetry.

Conforming to horses strides softly. Frequency of adjustment depends on individual performance goals.
Adjustments are easy and fun to make.

Manuals are included, help is always available. Videos, pictures, emails and phone calls, contact us with your questions.
WOW fitters and manufacturers at your service – Are not happy until you are happy.

Secret is …
the right combination of Air and Foam. Air can be bouncy, consider the balloon. Foam compresses, it gets hard.
Foam is fragile –
that Jimmy Choo shoe, the heel just…
punctured through the construction floor foam.
Air can be hard, like a football.

Combining air and foam together.
The right balance and placement of air and foam –
Works together to absorb bounce and movement.

Maximizes the weight bearing surface –
Spread across the whole saddle.

Saddle fitting is

  1. across the strongest weight bearing structure
  2. separately to the seat size of the rider.

In The Shop you will see how this is done.
A custom saddle is defined by the rider with the horse, ask a WOW fitter to help you.
Select girths, the pump kit and many other options that will make an exceptional custom designed saddle investment here.

Y Bar Tree

Tree integrity is designed for solid yet forgiving comfort and support.

Horses range of motion, hindlegs connection through their back to forelegs is made easy.
Even weight distribution under seat offers
freedom to the back to relax.

Absorbs movement of horses scapulae.
Allows room to move for a longer stride.
Scapulae move under the front as the tree moves away.
Requires no regular alteration or maintenance and is easy to maintain.

Why a WOW saddle?

  • Movement and range of motion easier to ride as one –

NOTE: maintain a stress free environment until accustomed to new saddle performance opportunities.

  • Quick checks of muscle development to assess for adjustments are easy and fun.
  • Opportunity to improve seat stability, balance, symmetry and responsive aids.

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WOW jumping saddles hanging on rack with sunlight

side view of dressage saddle w/ giant thigh block and extra deep seat






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