WOW Performance

TO DEVELOP the horses rider-carrying-muscles and have the pressure evenly distributed across the backs is easier in a WOW. In any gait or in any discipline, because of minimal pressure points. These are muscles that are like the ones across our shoulders. Muscles designed for an altogether different purpose – range of motion, multi-directional more than weight bearing.
Horses become the better athletes as their muscles are trained and allowed to seek the rider’s instructions (language).  The difference between being taught or being trained. Like the authoritatively or cognitively educated mind in students.
You can check the design page to see how interference from pressure points has been eliminated.  Pressure testing results diagram it.

Horses backs are like people’s shoulders, they are

  • not designed for carrying loads,
  • the muscles are for use in movement.

Mounting and adjusting position in dressage saddle. Lesson video helps illustrate critical connection between rider and back:
Seat Position Video (It was interesting to note that right after moving off the stirrups were lengthened another hole.)

A WOW is important for the unique design that protects horses balance
Connecting the hindlegs, along and through the back
Telescoping the neck and head
Depends on the tilt of the pelvis
To the forelegs
Which are free to rotate from the shoulder.

SYMMETRY comes before true balance is possible.
WOW performs with an easy opportunity for symmetry
Allows horses muscles to build
Weight is dispersed to eliminate pressure points.

Symmetry with a WOW saddle
balance and even development in the horse

  • WOW saddles even out weight bearing pressure
  • Eliminate pressure points
  • Forms and flexes with horses movement
  • Free restrictions
  • Providing comfortable resistance for muscles to move against
  • Absorb impact shock on landing over fences
  • Protect riders from jarring shock.

Rider Effect on a Horse

Is there anybody you know with one leg shorter than the other? Who is going to the chiropractor to get their hips level? Luckily when you walk your pelvis can tilt and rotate to compensate for your gait. When you are seated in the saddle and virtually walking and running on your seat bones the pelvis cannot do it. That pelvis is busy bearing your weight. It is not compensating for your gait. Instead your rotational compensation patterns are felt by the horse. The horse takes up your patterns, known as asymmetry.

In a saddle you are sitting over the skeletal system that bears your weight, the thoracics. Thoracics do not swing like hips, not in people nor horses. What happens? Your asymmetry becomes embedded in the muscles of the horse. It becomes the asymmetry of your horse.

I hope instead of feeling stuck you are feeling a big aha moment.

Happily, your WOW saddle makes it easy for you to protect your horse. The horse will know you to be the perfect person you desire to be. Moreover his muscles will change and develop symmetry. And your riding skills will advance.

The vicious circle, the hamster treadmill, the chicken or the egg question, just got solved, by WOW saddles. You are off and running now, wow!
(on a personal note, it’s more like walk halt transitions and straightness, still – woohoo)

Finally the end of collapsing postures!

First the WOW Competitor

The WOW Edge


Now the Classique WOW

First the housekeeping:

What is the difference? A WOW Competitor has more modular options that the rider can change to meet needs as changes occur.
A WOW Edge costs slightly less but since shipping takes up more air space it bumps the price nearly to the Competitor.
A WOW saddle can be custom made with many cost saving options maintaining the same high quality standards.

Get the new Classique if this is your first WOW saddle, especially if you are discovering it online in the States and want your ride to be in this great technology. With a wool flocked panel any saddle fitter near you can adjust, it will come in a neutral position. Personally, I generally recommend taking a month or so to experience the feel before making any adjustments. However no one knows your ride like you do and you can work through asymmetries going at any comfortable pace.

The Saddle Shop has everything it takes to mix and match for rider suitability, horses build, and budget.
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Changing Leg Flaps from Jumping to Dressage


Carefully introducing the H Girth. Begin with tacking up.

The H Girth secures and stabilizes the saddle.