Keeping Horses Fresh and Bright

by joanieeditr on May 25, 2010

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I came across something extraordinary the other day, and the sum is much greater than the parts. I wasn’t looking for anything in particular, just intrigued, when suddenly it dawned on me.

Keeping horses fresh and bright with a smile on their muzzle might be easier than I knew. A very subtle item brightens the stalls where I spend time and I hadn’t realized why.

Recently I was reading a catalog, one filled with wonderful items for the home, for body care, for uplifting the spirit, all the great healthy stuff. One item in particular grabbed my attention because it sounded chock full of fresh clean therapy both internally and externally.

The more I read about how great it would be in my bedroom, in my office, or anywhere, got me thinking: I really need this thing in my car! No mention of using it in cars anywhere I searched. Its benefits came from a light source built into the base but realizing it was just to heat it, I recognized it as the familiar object it is.

In that moment I saw in my minds eye my horses’ stall and the 4.4 pound Himalayan Salt block hanging there for mineral nourishment. Come to find out, there is much more to their goodness than the 80 trace minerals for horses to lick! When sunshine hits the stall and warms the salt lick the air is charged with negative ions adding energy and freshness. Remember it is the massive volume of negative ions from thunderstorms, or waterfalls that excite the air we breathe.

Hey, wait a minute, there is plenty of sunshine on the dashboard of my car. A friend in Australia says this about the cancer causing effects from sun heating autos and air conditioning. Listed it as Health Tip, Car A/C – once on her page, scroll down to it. The thought of reducing auto stress after a day of work motivated me in my perennial quest of feeling optimal and performing my best.

I sped right down Route 66 to the feed store whose quality product choices I trust, Tri-County Feeds. The simple idea of negative ions emitting freshness and energy sounded exciting. I like health stuff, a lot. Getting in a hot car and turning on the a/c might be a cooling relief but it’s not as refreshing as an energy pick me up from the air around me.

Driving along with the salt block on my dash, its effect was instant. I am a sensitive soul, and wondered if it was just me so I asked friends to try it out. The report is unanimous it works right away! I keep mine unwashed so far. I hold it or rub it when its warm because it loosens my hands and softens my skin, instantly. I bought one from the catalog to compare, it sits on my nightstand and enlivens the air as I sleep. That one was well washed, I do not give it any heat source yet it too exudes freshness.

Tired driving in hot car conditions motivated me to seek a solution and now the problem is solved. Reading tantalizing descriptions online that Himalayan salt is a huge health market for people in Europe, and that Swiss and Germans clamor for the glamour of its health generating power gave me impetus. These products all involve a light and heat source. I saw the solution in the hot sun beating on my dashboard. For the horseman or for anyone who drives, this simple solution can be found at your local feed store.

Having tested it on my dashboard and noting immediate effects, it is gratifying to know that hanging Himalayan salt in a stall near the sunny wall has more benefits for my horses than a mere mineral block. I am thrilled with the discovery. I am going to pick up a case and try hanging one in the window above the kitty litter box for example, and the mud room next to the coveralls hook. Washed or unwashed I look forward trying it in many ways.

Buyer beware of road salt sold as Himalayan, choose your retailer carefully.

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