Vibration for Horse’s Back Problem

by joanieeditr on April 4, 2012

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Do you have a reason for wanting to learn how a WOW saddle will matter to you and your horses? I definitely did. I found the company when I took on a broken down race horse. I wanted him for a project to clarify my equine massage methods. I needed my own maximum athlete. In a human sense, racing is an extreme sport and full of ferocity.

By 2001 in business for nearly two full decades and working on all sorts of horses, in order to fine tune my work I needed to ‘practice’ on one that wasn’t a paying client.

The thoroughbred I chose is here with me in this video. I am applying ongoing support to strengthen his chronic back injury. We raced, oh yes we did, and had quite a time along the way with both failure and success. I learned an enormous amount. And I am delighted to have him with me today as my riding horse.

Finally I have really started to focus exclusively on his back. I love his WOW jumping saddle and so does he as it puts me in the kindest possible forward balance for his back. I am preparing him for a new WOW Club dressage saddle, arriving any day now. I am working with him, studying his back precisely so I can adjust his training according to the new saddle balance. This comes from the leg flaps fundamentally and is adjustable. However dressage is dressage and jumping is jumping, I might sit the same but the saddle itself will mean I am deeper in the seat and on his back.

Here we are with the wonderfully interesting Biosonic Otto 32 tuning fork. I love this for both its relieving and its strengthening effect. And he feels pretty good from it too!

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