The Gut Instinct

by Joanie Detlefsen on May 1, 2016

in Saddles

I have been writing posts about our innate truth meters that helps judgement and decision making. My activities evolve into full expression through organic growth. This post is triggered by the primary candidates campaign for the 2016 general election.

So, what if emotional intelligence had equal standing alongside mental intelligence? Gut instinct. Educational training.

How do the terms literacy and intelligence differ?
Is it a feeling or is it an emotion. Literacy or intelligence? Words matter.
This is a continuation about the innate truth meter and how to simplify strength in trusting what you know.

They are on even footing. yes!
However only children know this.
Once they’ve been conditioned with the practice of lying, a kid has to figure it out. It is not the simple intelligence it once was.

As children the feeling brain, residing in the gut, starts to get knocked out by a laundry list of insults. Weighty topics, and each can be controversial, like vaccinations, GMO’s, herbicides, pesticides (which seems so quaint by todays corrupting practices of geo-engineering on steroids).
And formal education, another institution top heavy but still wanting more money.

Money’s the driving motivation encouraged by this war paradigm. It’s just a fact.

Education is far more interesting when it’s nurtured and when it is time consuming. Once teachers and parents are more experienced and informed on the literacy distinctions of gut and brain smarts, solutions to problems created by politicians can be in the hands sovereign individuals. And empower people by getting their control back from the constructed agenda’s of others.

Its taken me a lot longer than I expected to get back to this topic. Hopefully its pleasant and inspiring enough that you grab more information from these links and get others for yourself.

My conscious education on the subject began with the horse. Actually, its why I wanted to leave a corporate comfort zone and bushwhack a path in support of the horse athlete. I knew that for a long term business model it would take a major heft of energy from me. But the state of being, is a fantastic state of mind to study. And the way to study it is to live it. To live it is to know it.

To bring equality between a balanced heart and mind could by extension lead to bringing balance within different cultures a nearer possibility. And then further balance between cultures. When you think about the issues involved with such a major myth-shift – and we are just living someone else’s myth; you have to bring it into bite size pieces of personal understanding.

Stick to your guns. That’s what it boils down to. Stick to your guns. If you are a good, loving, curious person – standby yourself because nobody else can! With the blessing of loving parents to go along with you, that is awesome, yet all humans are flawed. It is part of what defines us. And I can’t wait for that truth to stay established, because making mistakes is probably the single greatest fear factor in everyone.

Here are today’s interesting links to know more about the myth makers.

The funny business taking place trafficking in girls for sexual favors for the rich and famous is one of these amazing reveals that this primary election campaign has opened our eyes to. How your truth meter processes this might be a big challenge. It is for me. Here’s what I know,

This is an important issue to bring in for a test challenge. Here’s a how-to of the truth meter series. It’s also a defining moment of organic growth in my awareness. Processing it will undoubtedly spill out in my Twitter comments. That’s part of organic growth. This blog post is here to contribute to a real conversation, not provide a solution. Use the truth meter, this story’s like a prism of facets made for it.

For me, it’s all about honoring my truth meter. You must find yours and your path to nurturing it. Be inspired. Thinking of your own alternative myths and their possibilities. What they would mean to you, your heirs, neighbors and friends is a creative nurturing exercise that reflects your truth.

Coming up next in my series will be the topic of the molecules of emotions and feelings. For now, the horses are whinnying, so I’ll just giddyap along.



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