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by Joanie Detlefsen on March 19, 2015

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Racing in terms of human sport endeavors is an extreme sport, a daredevil sport. This was much to my disillusion when I raced Crimson ‘N Gold. It was 20 years since opening my therapy business for horses, pioneering in the field of equine massage.

I needed certainty about what differences were made with specific applications in my treatments. I needed my own advanced athlete to figure it out. A result of my discoveries 10 years on, is how long it’s taken me to refine a program of positive change for racing horses. A sport that is the microcosm of the Universe – where quantum effects show up right away. Which is to say the myriad, multiple influences coming to a point on one horse, one race, many times over, multiplied.

The test barn is where first place and second place runners go to recover and get checked for drugs after a race. A place where only grooms and medical attendants are present because no trainer, no owner, no one really wants to see what it took for the horse to achieve what it did. The toll on its body is epic. It is visible and palpable. Which is why it is recognizable to a horse if you have both been there.

Of course, everyone wants their horse to be there. That’s a hell’ya. I just happened to go every step of the way with Crimson ‘N Gold on my mission quest. Sort of like a vision quest but not as technically shamanic metaphysical, way way more physical.

He is my riding horse and lives at home with me with other four-legged friends and the wild winged ones now. Acting in capacity of chief consultant as I master the simplest, most profound service, technique, product to offer those involved with racing to achieve best strides with less wear and tear.

An exercise saddle from WOW relieves the pressure on the back by making it even across the surface. Buy your racehorses Exercise Saddles from me and see the hours involved in training get easier. It’s a WOW, made by First Thought Equine in England.

I fit it only on a relaxed back to give you the best feedback possible. Its a 3 step process and I won’t let you buy it unless its right for that shape back. If you are not completely satisfied with the best strides it produces I will find out why. Identifying the horses with the same back shape and those with a different shape is included in the fitting. There are manufacturers warranties, 5 years on the tree and 1 year Warranty for materials and workmanship in accordance with good care practices. Wear and tear from normal use is excluded.


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