Racehorse Training

by Joanie Detlefsen on March 9, 2015

in Equine,Saddles

Convey to a horse which has done well in a race that you have been to the test barn after a race with one and it recognizes that you know deeply, or at least have been there to witness, the full impact of what its body has gone through.

Finding a no fuss no muss way to improve, add ease and comfort for this athlete is not success it’s a major advancement. For reasons beyond the scattered bombardment to which the equine is subjected in racing, train instead in an Exercise saddle from WOW to lessen the physical toll. There is all the information on it in the shop.

I have included a unique way of supporting the horse and trainer throughout the buying process. I make sure to fit the unique shape of the back at the base of the withers on a neutral, relaxed back. Applying a PEMFp (electromagnetic field pad) each 3 appointments for the best saddle solutions at: pre-order, delivery, and a month or some weeks later. Its a great saddle (watch this video) and costs the same either DIY or with my onsite fittings. Go ahead call it a bargain, I’m pleased to hear it.

To knock back, back issues of soreness and weakness by sizing the correct headplate on relaxed neutral backs for ordering. Again upon saddle delivery, a relaxed back helps setup an attitude that a saddle is not something to tense over in the morning. About a month, or some weeks later, checking for headplate changes one more time on neutral backs helps attain the best stride sought, consistently.

Have a look in the video at the even pressure across the backside from cantering in the saddle for 8 seconds. You can feel it yourself, your horses confidence grows – aka class – and remember “class beats speed.” True, its oft quoted in terms of breeding but there you go, it’s one of those intangibles that you can bring to bear on a physical aspect, pain or best stride, you decide.

To cross the finish line with personal best times, this is the saddle package you want. It is for winners! The total cost is $1499.00 including saddle and fittings. Following a $500 deposit the balance, due at delivery, is 2/3 the price and fully refundable if returned in the condition received. To give your horses  their best stride, ride everyday in a WOW. The on site fittings are available at most of the tracks in the mid-Atlantic region, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and Pennsylvania by appointment.


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