Preakness Week Wear

by Joanie Detlefsen on May 22, 2016

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In a world of fiction, a retailer peered into the attire of the lifestyle of the horsemen attending to horses young and younger in Baltimore, Maryland in May. Appalled to see the lack of comfort and non-existent outlets of weather related gear she sets out to remedy it.

Every year is cold and rainy. This year is so bad that my nesting birds are failing (true story). The Cardinal outside my bedroom window has abandoned her failed fledglings. The rain, the wet, the wind, the cold is worse than ever. Illuminating that for those from Florida and far away who have brought some of their horses here for a couple of weeks, you need help.

Right now the topsy turvy angle changing magnetic field or whatever, has Minnesota where I was born and raised, heating up with the former typical Maryland May temps. while Marylanders get to live those northern climes cold style. Although I bolted at college time for Colorado and never went back, I have been able to cozy up to the technical clothing evolution, revolution.

Once I left the corporate jungle for the horse barns, a couple of hours with one horse at a time tells you all you need to know about what clothes you need to get right. As a nonfictious retailer of best saddle solutions for solid backs of horses, there is not wearable clothing for people that would be part of that. The only vendors I see in the stables or on the backside are related to food.

The tack stores are going downhill, they do not even know whats’ going on in the insular world of horseracing so do not cater to the needs of the great horsemen there. The advent of online shopping I’m sure has a lot to do with that. But I’m going to list what I recommend the traveling folks buy and bring with them.

It’s always great to pack at home and say, oh if I need thus and such I will get it there. Ok if its a toothbrush. Not if its great technical clothing. What is the excuse of the local horseman? Hard to say, maybe its amazon. The wonderful tack stores in Virginia just can’t send a bunch of stuff to sit for a couple of weeks in a stall. But its not for just the consingors, the buyers need to know, too!

I’m going to give you links to my favorites, however that works. De rigueur: First – socks: a pair of Filson mid-weight, other are silver cotton ones The footwear that’s critical besides favorite shoes are the dry ones. Mine are Schnee‘s a nice boot maker in Bozeman, Montana that has been sold since I collected my wardrobe of theirs.

Working my way up from the ground because that’s how the cold damp emanates when you are standing around, going to the trousers, pants, jeans, whatever you want to call them. My go-to’s for rainy days I have a choice, but here’s this one from Patagonia. Of course tops will be personal favorites but I’m a hemp fiber geek so check this out.

You need a rain slicker but everyone has a shell or jacket. Here’s what’s best for under it from Ibex. On the head is usually a cute cap that promotes a horse or a stable. So this should set you up.

My selection is not inexpensive so begin collecting for your own stash soon. For a default, you can always go to LL Bean for more reasonable prices along with conscious quality, as good an alternative as I’ve seen.

Hope everyone has a highly successful visit to the Preakness events and Fasig-Tipton sale. Now you can get heartier at least for next year. I’m going to post this again in the spring for a reminder. You just cannot get what you need from the local shops unless its toothpaste.

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