Preakness Horse Show 2017

by Joanie Detlefsen on May 8, 2017

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I have started to get pretty nervous going to see trainers this year. Is third time the charm? No, in my world view of awareness, it is more a moment of Truth. This particular moment of truth may not mean what you think so let me clarify.

As my twitter handle mindfulhorse suggests and its tagline explicitly describes, the degree of sensory awareness of the horse is sublime. If intelligence is a matter of perspective, high regard for sensory intelligence is mine. As a matter of perception, it has taken my dedication, commitment and lots of hours with them to develop. Not to mention tens of thousands of hours of manual labor, lift and heft. Oh, and I’m a girl. That is without the muscle of testosterone. Translation, a lot of fatigue pure and simple. But no complaints. I absolutely love all the hours and all I have learned. Does it translate though?

So a lot of what comes about with horses as elite athletes is success at the highest levels from experience. It happens successfully from mindful experience. It really doesn’t matter if you are an incredible Olympic star riding at Badminton’s Four Star Three Day Event or in racing the Kentucky Derby. Harmony happens.

But enough about them. I need to tell you I am in a cognitive dissonance over the sports. All I can do is offer a value that will make entire propositions of competition easier and better. Because my sensitivities do not lend themselves to the sports per se. The trainers and the horses do it best! That’s just a fact!



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