Making Horses Smart in an Instant

by joanieeditr on February 24, 2011

in Equine,Saddles

Thinking outside the box, is my source of inspiration. Mastering a method of equine massage therapy begun in the mid-1980’s proves it. Being the first equine massage therapist on the A Show Circuit from 1985 to 1988 established my business.

It is anti-aging for horses. It enhances performance and advances ability, painlessly, with long term benefits.

It works except in 2 different circumstances, 1) if there is an undetected, systemic medical condition; 2) if there is poor saddle fit or dys-comfort.

You can start with a WOW saddle and make your riding better in every single way! If you want an older horse with a younger horses movement then add massage.

Can you imagine how equine massage was generally perceived prior to the year 2000? When I tell you what I am embarking on next, consider that equine massage is now globally accepted. Albeit greatly changed from the method I maintain.

Yes, I am still going strong helping horses, riders, veterinarians. And still thinking along with all of them, outside the box.

The easiest change you can make is to get yourself in the irons of a WOW saddle now.

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