How to Get a WOW saddle Demo

by joanieeditr on November 6, 2013

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This is a wonderful time of year to find a better fitting saddle! If you don’t mind a very particular saddle fitter, and you are willing to take some time to learn about how a WOW saddle fits I might have what you want. In order to find out for sure I invite you to take some steps towards that end.

First, sign into the automated emails in the box on the Custom Fitting page. They are timed to arrive at comfortable intervals so you can explore the necessary steps with your horse.

After you get the email titled, Saddle Panel Fitting, Part 1 send me an email with questions and comments. I describe photographs you are to take then send to me right away so we can begin to dialogue.

If you need to discuss instructions in earlier ones, please telephone me so I can talk you through it. The contact information is listed on all the emails.

A solo-preneur of all things good, I maintain very basic inventories. My commitment is great. My heart and mind have been devoted to our responsibility to horses and how to best partner in the spirit of sport with them. To ride on, as one, is the most fun we can have. Taking the time to arrive at such a peak performance is well worth it.

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