Horses are Transport on Earth

by Joanie Detlefsen on July 22, 2016

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massage treatmentStarting off, my business was to help horses. Then it came over me that it was because that would empower riders. By increasing horses ability with massage it turned into something of a lovely long learning curve to plasma scalar theory of Nikola Tesla and his proteges, for me.

I formulated this notion that the peoples on this planet truly in need of a natural connection to wholistic fulfillment were the well to do. And that’s how I began my journey.


Recently I read that in fact that stocks and bonds can continue to go up in price even as the economy goes down. Meaning right here and now, can you sense, see or know it? I like to know what money is doing worldwide as my way to follow all the news since the reporters have become entertainers. I get it. Jobs are crappy. You have to compromise, suppress, oppress, depress to earn a decent wage. But for me, it’s still all about Nature, and horses carried me to this point.

Long standing friendships develop between people when shared goals around horses are involved. 28 years later, still deep inquiry with the horse as teacher, all the while the general population mentality has been dumbed down. I labor in love and awe of how much there is left to learn from the horse.

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Friends who know me, know that practically every year I make another leap up the bell curve of knowledge. They expect to learn the latest turn of the spiral when they call. Things going on here in this photo are movin & shakin while I loosen this horses engine. It’s a sport in and of itself. Requiring a lot of physical energy, but competition is between the self, and ones self – to be better than the last time and move the horses body to a better place further up its health frequencies.

IMG_0239_2For best results, and the reason I bring up Nikola Tesla, and that I told you it took a lot of physical energy, and you can see yourself the movement; the art is in the transfer the energy exchanges. But to be really successful you have to stay out of the way of the body yet loosening the body. If I didn’t have a solid background in Martha Graham dance along with fantabulous Russian massage and early Sutherland osteo-massage trainings, I never would have figured it out. Much body control is being communicated from the center of balance, also. Its a true information exchange.

buttermilkshowHaving never seen what my work looks like in action it was nice having a client who is a photographer snap some shots.

Finally understanding that the incredible wisdom of the horse is in the sensory field and well advanced beyond mankinds’. Like birds on wing. The answers finally start to alight

IMG_0266Connecting the dots between the birds, bees, flowers & trees, clouds, animals, & us Nikola Tesla dynamic plasma theory starts the scalar paradigm.

It was reported recently that the US economy has lost 2.3 million goods-producing jobs since the year 2000 and replaced them with 2.6 million 35% jobs in hospitality and leisure. That’s called incentive to redo, reboot, reorganize or; a lovely opportunity to take and make a great change for Earth.

The horse has transported across the earth thousands of people at work, and in more recent times, at play. But there is a much wholier transporting from, as above so below mechanism that can literally introduce people to the scalar theories to explore.

Every action from a horse is a communication. Not only are they interacting between species but with Nature to benefit all. From them we can see, feel and think about the scalar patterns and what they mean.

Horses teach people about freedom, and about submission. The new elites will be those who have a measure of quantum, scalar knowledge. From observing Nature the Nikola Tesla dynamic plasma theory is Universal Law. It answers questions, and questions the current science of answer. When it is clear that all elites have done for the Earth is create a world theater in crisis, the new elite class will emerge. Learn with the horse!

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