Gift of a Good Name

by Joanie Detlefsen on May 16, 2016

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Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth? How about giving the horse the gift of a good name.

There are names that are challenging and names that are fortunate. It was news to me until I studied up on it. My own name, Joan or Joanie, seemed worth inspecting. With my last name sometimes too long I would substitute the family name Adams. Was it true, did I really have a lot of different frequencies buzzing about? If so, does that dissipate my energy? Whoa, I cannot afford to do that, no keep up my energy!

When you’re racing horses a few good people have to know an awful lot to keep the good times rolling. With respect to the various aspects of horse racing, success amounts to a wide range of minutiae. There are a whole lot of holes to plug. It entails an incredibly attuned, experienced team that catches the nuances and adjusts for the horse at the right time.

One thrilling moment among millions of moments, usually beyond anything else ever experienced; and it is all worth it. The human connections to the horse, the gut wrenching energy that is the heart of the horse merge to achieve a total sublime accomplishment. Amazingly, the learning curve is an infinite continuum. A never ending learning curve. One can correlate the name of the horse to a fortunate number. But will that enhance the chances it has?

There is at least one area, Naming a Horse, that could use some of what I learned. Just a fill in the gap for added confidence? But how do you know? A Fortunate Name goes with all the positives that it takes to be a winner. Name conjuring can leave a doubt. A sense of empty – oh hope it works out sort of feeling. Even the most confident person can catch a bout of doubt over it. Questioning whether it matters or not, evidence says it does. Oh yes, that it will matter.

It does but it isn’t a gimme. Looking into what it might do for a racehorse helped me learn more about what having a forutnate name would do if I stuck the landing on Joanie Detlefsen. And that’s when I realized, horses benefit from Fortunate Names. It started last year leading up to the Triple Crown series. What I discovered was that the horses at the top. The ones that make it to the big game, for the most part have fortunate name numbers. Understand, there just are not that many fortunate names floating around, and there are even qualifiers on some of the fortunate numbers. Which is why it’s called Astro-Numerology. It’s a Chaldean system, very old. So additionally the foaling date and the place foaled are factored into the computation.

I was curious. So I explored, researched and studied. Actually studying it continues almost on a daily basis. I discovered it’s a lot like the discipline required with horses, or playing orchestral instruments. There is a resonance that takes some experience to feel. There’s a lot of subtle gut instinct intelligence wrapped up in the resonance of a name. The sensory intelligence, think of it being like the autonomic nervous system. You don’t actually feel it, but you would if it were the central nervous system. It just keeps the overall systems humming. The more tuned, the more synchronized the better it goes.

Once a given Name’s number meaning is understood it becomes a See, Sign, Say fait accompli. I concluded in fact it is very very nice guidance. Believing others might be interested in adding confidenceĀ such as a Fortunate Name to their horses’, I developed a report for it.

It can be found in my Tools for the Horse at shop dot Best Saddle Solutions. Check it out, I hope you like it. Signing off with my fortunate name, Joanie Detlefsen!

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