Closing the Year 2014

by joanieeditr on December 11, 2014

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Quietly I am bringing to a close my equine massage therapy business which has reached 30 years old. omg, lol, tears and all. I have the deepest respect, gratitude and appreciation to hundreds of humans-and-their-horses for all the time, hearts, hopes and hard work we shared.

A strong back is the way to produce the best connection for athletes of two different species working as one. Carrying forward my knowledge and skills that bring solid, lasting connections to riders and horses I kick-on with WOW Saddles. Although I am not a saddle critic, I am keen about comfort and feel. These are immensely satisfying saddles as the interface between a seat and a back. As a saddle-maker their commitment to horses’ well-being and performance equals mine. While more than backs are involved in creating full range of motion and access to full athletic potential, big strides have been made over the years. I’ve experienced the genesis of veterinary and farrier practitioners awakening, adding their style of burgeoning therapeutics to squeeze every ounce for competition.

The nascent field headed in a crooked direction for my training in Russian medical sports massage. I am all about empowering horses rather than emboldening the win. A more wholistic approach, it is in how you look it but all roads lead to Rome as the saying goes. May it become a win win for all. Moreso a turtle versus hare image might come to mind. Money, yes that, it carries the day with a forward momentum too fast to see that an all encompassing elevation might serve better. There is however a ginormous breeder class to look after selling their particular twist on bloodlines. If Nikola Tesla’s aether physics unlocks secrets of motion for biological bodies, I promise to share them. Aiming for an all in win.

In closing my thoughts are from the horses, that soundness is a manifestation. It is a direct result of the functions within, a healthy synergy as it is divinely created. Unsoundness is the language of a symptom, it is saying that a system therein is running amok. Form always follows function, thus, in their biomechanics, anatomy follows phsyiology. Always look within and ride right! Thank you,



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