Saddles Serving Unique Shapes of the Horse and the Rider

Saddles that are custom saddles, fit to riders position and horses contours.
Innovative saddles they are designed with modular solutions made from top quality materials.

Riding in a WOW makes subtle aids easier to connect.

Helping riders to improve by design, please read on.

FIT, created by the horse, the rider and the motion-

allows riding to feel more stable, rhythmical and relaxed.

DESIGN adapts to horses muscles for freedom and range of motion-

with lateral flexibilty that makes shoulder movement easier under the saddle.

Stability from longitudinal rigidity that horses love and-

makes riders seat to hip angle more comfortable is inherent in the engineering.

SYMMETRY, the holy grail for nuanced movement, is solved in the panels-

that the rider controls if or when adjustments are necessary.

Adjusting the settings to build better balance for irregularities plus-

doing so enhances awareness in the brains of the rider and horse.

A Great performance saddle

  A saddle with Maximum stability

    For riding in Maximum comfort

       A greater sense of Freedom feeling safe and secure

Next Step to the Art of Horsemanship is in SADDLE DESIGN

The SADDLE PANELS, where the rider’s bottom-side meets the horse’s topside, are constructed of soft leather and filled with either Flair air flocking or traditional wool flocking.

The panel designs with either wool or Flair flocking improves ability by improving

  • balance
  • and symmetry.

There are FOUR:
air bladders are inserted into each WOW saddle, 2 per panel, to make even adjustments
Matching up with :
our legs on horses,
our limbs on riders,
Thus the f
our bladders or the quadrants – each one individually controlled – for balancing as dual pairs, the diagonals of the horse.

Adjusting the Flair air settings as training progresses can be do it yourself with the Flair pump kit, done by a WOW fitting consultant or traditional wool flocking by your saddle fitter.
Linking between the bladders makes even adjustments easy.
The pump kit is designed for bilateral or diagonal corrections.
Test each adjustment at any or all gaits, directions and movements.
Walk, trot, canter, riding straight, with contact, bending and collection, all checked at your discretion.
Feel improved transitions, tempo, easy stride through the back, way of going and you have hit the sweet spot. When more progress ensues, check again for any small tweaking improvements.

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