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NEW: The most straight forward saddle is the Exercise saddle for racehorses.

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The patented design spreads the weight bearing surface allowing fuller reach and range of motion without pressure. It has a sort-of tree. So is Great for gaining longer strides.

Imagine exercising and building more muscles with a longer stride and picture the competition with less strength in a race. Get one of these to start with. Then get a couple of more when you have the grooms used to the quality and care of state of the art equipment that gives them a horse with more confidence!

The saddle comes with a five year guarantee. All leather components are covered for 12 months.

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Moving on – WOW Saddles when riders are sitting into horses backs.

Look for detailed descriptions in the drop down lists of individual products.

A complete Competitor saddle includes:

To take each saddle component one by one if you are building a version of the complete Competitor.

For sport horse saddles— The complete saddle includes : Select from…
1 Seat – Choose from 6 Competitor styles. 3 Edge styles. 3 Classique styles. All are in 4 sizes and 2 profiles.
1 Pair of Flaps – Choose from 20 flap styles. Which additionally have various custom lengths shorter or longer than regular.
1 Pair of Panel – Choose from 24 standard styles of panel. Plus special unique back forms.
1 Pair of Stirrup Leathers – Choose 20″ to 32″ in 2″ increments.
1 Headplate – Choose from 21 back shape fittings.
1 Saddle Cover
1 Pack of Spare Screws

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and get the prices on all the saddles. Beginning with the style of padded leather…
Scroll through. There are equally classy options – constructed of solid butt leather, some are less pricey.

The tree has a five year guarantee and all leather components are covered for 12 months from purchase.

Modular component prices are itemized, breaking down what each costs.  There are no hidden fees.

Dig in-
Build the saddle you want-
Get the saddle fitting you deserve.

You control the right price for your budget.

Speaking of … WOW Saddles Classique line is an exception to the sports saddles. A budget style with less choice of component modules. Its a wool flocked WOW and needs just a headplate size with the correct panel. It is a flat fee price.

Get the help you want.

Call with questions, the number is top right corner of Shop.

Called a WOW! for Elevating rider ability, and horse stability.

The 7 Tips for Fitting Right

are an email series that teach you how the WOW is constructed and conformed to fit. Signup box is on  Custom Fitting page to see a “How-To” they are timed at a comfortable pace for the busy owner who wants to learn how to fit it :

  • Design the saddle from the range of options available
  • Gain confidence and trust from seeing how step by step.

For the Modular saddle

You Pay once for a top tier saddle that is an investment. Every change you want or need can be made to the basic architecture by replacing or renewing a component.
You Swap out the outdated one.
Paying an amount that an inexpensive saddle would be BUT it’s Like getting a new top tier saddle for the cost of a knock-off, or less!

Thoroughbreds are All Heart

Back on the Horse

A horse is a highly sensory aware, acutely attuned animal of the earth.

We may clumsily stumble amongst one another. Bumble along and learn with a thoroughly human authority, but some degree of partnership, fleeting or long-term adds to our knowledge.

Good saddle fitting enhances that camaraderie through the act of intention. Horses are tough, can be hard to handle. Button pushing machines. No doubt about it. That is such a mirror its maddening.

You ride the horses back and the better that interface works the more closely you connect to its back condition, the better the response.

Horses are also generous when you have your best intentions for them. And with a thoroughbred racehorse it is known for its Heart!

For trainer, jockey, rider ➡ Saddles made for faster and easier!
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When elevating outcomes the reality is that it’s a little more work. A little more mindfulness. A little more care from the groom, in the tack room and general emotional control is recommended. Long lasting tack, long lasting competitor.

Here is where a saddle’s life starts, in the workroom ➡ 

at Little Duskin Farm. Drive down a narrow twisty road, to the artisan shop nestled in a meadow in Canterbury, Kent…view of workroom at Little Duskin Farmfrom where finished saddles are shipped to international athletes around the world. Be one on them Stateside! When you are ready, place your order.