What I like best about WOW saddles

by joanieeditr on August 23, 2011

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Live to ride, right?! Every year offers a new season for what I like best about my WOW saddle. This year’s reason is that it gives me the controls to stay out of my horses’ way. Then he can handle himself. I give him the aids to direct him and repeat the movements to gain rhythm and balance. “Controls” you say, more on that next.

Granted my horse and I are riding at a very basic foundation level. This is the stage of development before anything other than *solid* is required. And that is even more reason to love my WOW. It feels like it’s the big-working-horse saddle. Yet I don’t have to DO the work I am asking him to do. Instead, he gets to find his balance, his straightness, his bend. I get to find my torso strength, my breath, my free head and neck, allowing my shoulders, arms, wrists and hands to be relaxed, and my legs to mirror like well oiled gears.

It all happens, not only from a good sound fit that has been formed by each saddle component, no. It happens too because of the air flocking I can manipulate. It is in this adjustment that I can protect him from me. To keep my a-symmetry from influencing him or causing us to chase a-rhythmical imbalance around in circles passing from one to the other like a hot potato. With these controls he doesn’t compensate for me. It is the closest thing to moving freely with a rider on his back for a horse.

The horse can focus on himself. I can focus on myself. Together we feel pretty darn awesome!

I guess you know I wrote this right after riding, yep. And wishing you great rides too, because only you understand the need to gush about it afterward.

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