What A Year It’s Been 2010

by joanieeditr on December 23, 2010

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Summing up the year 2010 for horses in a word is, enthusiasm!

It has been a fantastic time for horses in the news and making news. Online journals and blogs have been chock full of imagination in communication. The social quips from horse and men and women have been tantalizing across media outlets. Coherence and integrity amongst like minded and kindhearted animal lovers has grown as more and more meet across the web, around the world.

These qualities I find both energizing and engaging. Personally, it has been a great year for me with my horses. We have grown and learned and evolved our skills, connection, in soundness all hale and hearty. My clients have benefited from new techniques I worked out for them involving intriguing, simple things like original uses of original himalayan salt, chakra clearing, and working with hydrogen peroxide in a new way. Riding in the H girth on WOW saddles has enlightened me, the horses, and customers to a whole new level of stability for the back, shoulders, neck, saddle, power behind and freedom in front.

The year began for the industry with an FEI policy meeting to grapple with demands from members. The need to clarify how judges and stewards are going to look at dressage performance and preparation still looms large. Although nothing has been definitively resolved the effort is on a roll. There are a lot of high classical dressage riders taking a stand and defending their punishing training methods and winning big in the show ring. Perhaps as many riders are taking their time to build the capacity of their horses performance according to official FEI rules, which have not been ruling in the shows ring. You’re right, it sounds mixed-up. With the 2012 Olympics looming, I expect fervent activity that you will be able to join and impact the outcome if you are feeling your inner activist. How to define the new dressage, possibly with new rules. Or how to honor magnificently developing horses from the legacy of masters through another avenue of FEI oversight, judges training.

The World Equestrian Games in the USA were very exciting. A more perfect host than Lexington, Kentucky could not be. International riders that came got to be part of the American way with horses. Those who competed, mostly from smaller countries, train in an atmosphere where equestrian arts are part of the culture. America’s corporate approach has a decidedly different culture to the sports. The exchange with international riders is wonderful for the horses.

Being able to follow the famous Olympia horse show from London during such a festive time of year extends the enthusiasm from our year end competitions into the Christmas holiday season. The finals at the National Horse Show from Madison Square Garden now in Syracuse, New York and the Washington International Horse Show in DC as well as the Fair Hill CCI *** end by Thanksgiving. Now the US elite riders close out one season and prepare for the next, beginning in Florida.

Finishing this year and rounding it out I send you good cheer, may you and your horses enjoy one another equally. Enthusiastically!
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