To Honor Lessons Shared

by joanieeditr on June 21, 2010

in Equine,Riders

What it takes to stay with a commitment involving horses year in and year out is discipline. I am so impressed by all the horseman I meet. I learn something from them everyday. To others, like mothers, brothers, spouses and friends, I explain that it must be that we all stick with it because we learn something new from horses everyday, and that is just so darn interesting. Lately I’ve noticed how much I learn from the horses’ people as well.

The many nights and days required to keep our eyes unwavering on our goals so as not to see the frightful obstacles, (to paraphrase Henry Ford) is a common condition for horsemen. It is as if the lessons we learn sustain us, inspire us, yet never quite satisfy and we determinedly pursue the answers we need. The life we make with horses weaves a beautiful tapestry. Individuals sharing this experience are dotted on maps the world over. Each one totally unique, each its own galaxy of activity.

I think we are near the summer solstice now, the longest day of the year. And it is warm. I know I am thrilled to be able to hop from the shower with wet hair out to the barn and feel cooled because of it. It is nice to wash and stash the parkas, coats, coveralls, hats, gloves and when the time comes, I will be glad for them when the earth again tilts on its axis.

For now, I watch the fireflies lift from the ground and spread their sparkle across the pastures and dance in the trees with their twinkling glow, connecting my mind with the multitude of horseman enjoying their summertime all over the globe.

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