Horses Talking Wellness

by joanieeditr on July 17, 2010

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Long ago I realized that every action of a horse is a communication. It became incumbent upon me to learn the language of the breed and the vernacular or dialect of the individual, as a horseman.

When my horses are feeling well they perform well, brilliantly in fact. When they are feeling unwell, they under perform and do things that are not smart. Until recently that behavior really pushed my buttons. I guess I took it a little personally. When they looked right at me and behaved contrary to good manners it made me ill tempered. Now I know better.

The saddle lets me protect their back soundness from any unbalanced mischief I might cause riding. I want more. To have a great mental and emotional connection when we work feels right. In fact it feels so sublime that I am in headlong pursuit of it. They depend on me to understand what they are conveying no matter how accelerated they have to yell it out. How to fix their complaints has been a big mission for me that has taken a long time. These work for us and can help you resolve similar behaviors from your horses.

I investigate what the research reports and try all avenues of safe health building practices. I am happy because I figured out some of my horses most confounding communications in the process. I know that when one of them is tail rubbing, to give a dose of Swedish Bitters at bedtime. Or if one is eating dirt, to give Equiflora gel with the morning feed and nutrients. Their coats gleam, but if they do turn dull it’s time for me to sharpen up and pay attention to get them what they need. What actions of your horses befuddle you the most? Leave a comment and more of us can, ride headlong into happiness! Thank you.

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