FEI February 9, 2010

by joanieeditr on January 28, 2010

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Bravo, the pressure on officials to help horses even more is making waves. Finally the FEI is reviewing policies to change warmup practices, especially at dressage shows. http://bit.ly/cE99O2
While it is specifically targeted towards stewards, bigger changes might work their way up to the show judges. Hopefully a shared consensus will be achieved that improves the selection of winners.
The hard work between horse and rider which gradually develops carrying muscles for performing the difficult movements relaxed, with strong backs ought to be rewarded. The incentive for leg wrenching techniques with high marks for the spectacular display, that offends the delicate structure of the whole horse ought to be eliminated.
A round table meeting is taking place on ‘Rollkur’. http://bit.ly/9pV5SK
The efforts by many people to see high marks awarded to the patiently trained horse who moves beautifully, rather than the brave horse trained dramatically with ‘hyperflexion’, is gaining strength.
The list of representatives going to Lausanne, Switzerland on Feb. 9 includes an impressive array of horse advocates. The press has been excluded. I hope this harsh method will be disgraced without assigning shame or blame, let’s just ride on!

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