Equine Massage for Serious Horse Mojo

by joanieeditr on August 16, 2012

in Equine Massage,Riders

What is serious horse mojo and is it anything you want?

Given a horses biological elasticity, more mojo means more use. It is what horses want when they communicate through their bodies during a palpating massage. Known as kinesthetic response this is a palpable hands-on conversation. The it of it is the mojo, the biological elasticity. Biological elasticity can be maximized and makes for some serious mojo. It is much easier to communicate, or correspond with your horse when you’ve got ‘it’. Biological elasticity is a balance between all the levers and pulleys of a body that produce the contractions in muscles and their corresponding extensions to make a special brand of poetry in motion.

It is ridable. Riders feel it. Think of a rubber band used over and over, only since this is living, biological, it is refreshable. By giving it the best balance of care that it calls for, a healthy biological elasticity increases longevity.

Keep yourself and your horses balanced in longevity and happiness, now that’s some serious horse mojo.

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