Across the Ages

by joanieeditr on November 12, 2009

in Equine,Riders

Horses have carried mankind on his back down the ages, out of danger, to a life filled with leisure and comfort.

During the thirty centuries of written text from man about the horse, the tasks needed for them varied from practical and personal to cavalry and tournament. Horses duties have ranged from utilitarian transportation to encompass beautiful feats of artistic performance.

One of my pet insights is that emancipated women have the horse to thank, too. I wonder if this is in our psyches and the reason so many little girls love horses.

A common viral human pathology, acceptable to all of us, is our penchant for money saving, and time saving schemes. Our earliest advances as civilized beings gave us physical comfort. And yet, did so by shutting out the environment resulting in an unintended consequence that distanced nature from of our lives.

It seems to me this distancing has been at the peril of our marvelous partner the horse who has carried us so far. Undeniably every horse owner spends plenty of time outdoors. Often, instead of connecting with it, being at odds with it.joanielogo

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