An exercise saddle that is state of the art for full force bring it on back! Horse WOW

For great back comfort, great stretch runs, agility around turns, steady oxygen flow : buy it on track or online in the US

Since state of the art equipment have made individual and team sport upgrades game changers, racing  has been waiting for improvements to come to their partnerships. This custom exercise saddle is the game changer with sound, advanced equipment engineering. Training in this exercise saddle is for those whose dreams include gaining precious goodness.

Now that there are fewer horses racing, and more attention is on the game, make it easier at the source of the sport.

  • A custom exercise saddle from here is going to be better
    for young horses
  • And for claiming trainers

Included in the purchase price of  the exercise saddle are 3 consult fittings. (1) Preorder (2) Saddlefitting (3) Recheck followup, either onsite or high tech conferencing depending on region or racetrack.

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Crimson N’ Gold and Hackett’s Island and First Thought Equine, manufacturers of WOW Saddles, came together when my equine massage therapy business was at a turning point. By then I had worked on the musculo-skeletal mechanics of horses from 1984 to 2001. It was time for me to take it to a new level, making a maximum athlete of my own.

There is only so much to be learned from clients horses. Being in Maryland when its racing heyday was heading downhill there were many former racers whose owners hired me to help sort out and separate behavior from body aches and pains. This helped veterinarians zero in on trouble sites and reduce guessworks. That was back in the 1980’s! The adventure is an opportunity of endless education.

To offer the racing industry a state of the art turn of the century advance in equipment such as the people sports of golf, tennis, sailing, skiing, baseball, I don’t know others, soccer, lead the way? Well helmets for football is gaining strides. But for the horseman, the good of the sport, industry and horse, this is something that some will see as a tool to fulfill dreams more easily.

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