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by Joanie Detlefsen on May 11, 2017

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Will Fortunate Name Numbers resonate with the super sensory level of the horse? Does a Challenging Name make any difference to the equine athlete? How much difference could it make for their connections? for trainers, riders, owners, agents, saddle fitters ;-). I suspect the answer is in individual records, and time is truly the way to collect the clues. But. In the meantime, here’s a look at the Name Numbers of each contender in the Kentucky Derby field. Talk about many fortunate and challenging numbers in those names. The asterisk star connotes a fortunate name. This year it is harder to find as many as prior years. Why?

Horse Naming Reports for sale on my website are Chaldean Astro-Numerology so Ima gonna give you a little lesson in it if you want. You can decide if there’s value to be gleaned. So first, the numbers. And if you are really interested, follow along using a delightful free numerology calculator I found at Gematrinator for raw data. Here’s the list in the order of finish. Keep reading to learn what the numbers represent.

Always Dreaming – 13, 7, 16/7 … Bodemeister 42*, Above Perfection 42*
Lookin At Lee – 16, 7, 17/8 … Lookin At Lucky 18, Langara Lass 17*
Battle Of Midway – 15**, 3, 11/2 … Smart Strike 13, Rigoletta 30
Classic Empire – 15**, 3, 13/4 … Pioneer of the Nile 22, Sambuca Classica 11
Practical Joke – 14*, 6, 26/8 … Into Mischief 11, Halo Humor 13
Tapwrit – 26, 1, 20/2 … Tapit 18, Appealing Zophie 14*
Gunnevera – 38, 1, 10/1 … Dialed In 15**, Unbridled Rage 43
McCraken – 16, 4, 15/6 … Ghostzapper 53*, Ivory Empress 11
Gromley -25, 2, 12/3 … Malibu Moon 13, Race to Urga 34
Irish War Cry – 18, 2, 14/5 … Curlin 20, Irish Sovereign 13
Hence – 23*, 1, 20/2 … Street Boss 11, Floating Island 13
Untrapped – 43, 1, 21/3 … Trappe Shot 47, Exit Three 36*
Girvin – 18, 4, 14/5 … Tale of Ekati 14*, Catch the Moon 17*
Patch – 21*, 9, 10/1 … Union Rags 15*, Windyindy 28
J Boys Echo – 33*, 3, 14/5 … Mineshaft 36*, Letsgomyecho 50*
Sonneteer – 41*, 1, 11/2 … Midnight Lute 18, Ours 18
Fast And Accurate – 15**, 9, 10/1 … Hansen 24*, It’s Heidi’s Dance 18
Irap – 12, 2, 11/2 … Tiznow 30, Silken Cat 27*
State Of Honor – 19*,7, 16/7 … To Honor and Serve 14*, State Cup 16
Thunder Snow – 52, 6, 16/7 … Helmet 26, Eastern Joy 16

Just looking at the first number, first. Remember an asterisk means its a Fortunate Name Number. And a double asterisk means there is a special rule that goes with it. Interesting to note some ’15’ at both the top and the bottom, how they clustered. I do want to steer clear of commentary though.

When I began my study some years ago, questions I started out with were looking for a congruity with the jockey. That was really too cumbersome. So no go on that!

But wait, this being astro-numerology, a stronger presence is found incorporating what foaling date numbers show up. Getting foal date numbers. The second number follows the name number with a day of foaling number.  All the contenders are from a ‘7’ year, 2014. Look its shape first of all, it looks like a bolt of lightening. Likely to be born with lightening traits, Ima going to guess the best of this years foal crop learns lightening fast. Not to put it to a fine point but its opposite of that strength would be where it is easily confused if given mixed signals, regardless of the species.

Today in 2017 we are in a 10 year. What does that mean? Thinking of it like the title of a book it relates to a subject, in this case, of instant manifestation. Numerical resonance is like a day and a night. It has its fullness yet it also has its absence. Such as the absence of light, is dark. It is no more opposite than looking in a mirror. Which is to say it reflects on strengths yet incorporates its absence of strength also.

As number language sleuths which seems like such a fit to the language of horses in my experience, knowing even more will smooth out the path to take. I find that sensory resonance noted in the pedigree. But I am getting ahead of myself here. The day of foaling number is a window that speaks of a soul born that will express itself that way but more than the day is the entire date, including the month and year. Which is the 3rd numbers you see expressed as both the whole number and its root number. Here…

Following the name number, the next number, the Day of Birth, is the first impression of the soul – if you accept that horses are life of the Earth with souls. Which has nothing to do with good fortune or challenge. After that is called the Life Purpose number, because it includes all the numbers of the entire foaling date. These are like companion numbers of the filter that expresses itself in the Name Number. It expands and deepens insight. Where to through caution to the wind freely or if caution flags are warned in the numerical code. It is interpreted by its whole number and its root.

I wanted to show you this system with horses that are familiar. These are major active athletes right now and I am not doing a report, but showing you how a report might be meaningful. In case you want to add some value to your stable. The rules I mentioned when they apply or not are too deep in the weeds for this blog post. Because we need to go another step. Looking at part of the pedigree report – name numbers only.

What we are describing herein with astro-numerology for the horse does not incorporate any astrological signs. The signs are of course part of a complete mapping system of the cosmos at the time of birth. And the term ‘time’ is significant. I’ll just leave that there for this post.

Why did I add more to read than only name numbers? Because of rules that may or may not effect them. And it is interesting. Noting different correlations with sires and dams could mean a lot to consignors and buyers. So then to round out the picture in this blogpost, the name number resonance completes each line of information.

If you want a followup of more information, reach me at the Grasshopper number 877-776-8451, leave a message, I will get back to you pretty quick. Respect for privacy is a high value quality for me. Thanks!


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