What Helped Pick A Winner

by Joanie Detlefsen on June 7, 2015

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The intriguing tool of astro-numerology applied to the Triple Crown races offered interesting insight.

As a student in the Numerology Academy certification program I had a certain amount of information to go on for making a small correlation between the horses and jockeys. For a proper report that offers actual  literacy to guide spheres of influence, information was missing. But I can say conclusively now that the 3 races have been run that there was a lucky correlation that if I did have the data it would have been borne out.

You can see the 1 product I do have in my shop, both the name and birth date are needed for the Naming Horse Report. Though horses name and date numbers are needed, for people the time and place of birth must be part of the information factored in to correlate a full set of conditions. Astro-Numerology is a science of precision with numbers and an art in understanding correlations.

The information I chose to go on from public entry listings of each leg of the Triple Crown races show the uniquely special correlation between American Pharoah and Victor Espinoza. It shows it is exceptional. I had to guess that the missing information was fortunate for them by the results and I am certain of it after the Belmont Stakes.

I felt a strong personal affinity for Frosted and with Joel Rosario they had the next best correlation given the limited information. It too proved to be of a fortunate nature as they ran in second place.

What astro-numerology has taught me about myself, and understanding an easier way to live, is important and something that is turning out to be totally share-worthy. Showing others to learn how to add emphasis to strengths, and for help making decisions is how to move to the sunny side if shadows are looming.

Some of the meanings in the winners astro-numerology meaning by the end of the Triple Crown series were what we all wish our numbers meanings were such as. Bestows many rewards, can work miracles in your life, resonates to the magic of love and a highly creative mind. (yes, yikes!) Also, can magnetically attract abundance, craves responsibility and takes great joy in advising others, listens to others and is adept at settling disputes. There are others that have more to overcome and that’s what makes them a more challenging vibration. Not that its all glowing, every side has a shadow but to know it and how to change it, if its fortunate can be much more fun.

The whole point is finding the avenue of change and taking that path. The fortunate kismet that has given American racing a new Triple Crown winner resonates right there in the names. Bravo!Thanks again for the win.


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