Truth-Out, A New Year, 2 0 1 6

by Joanie Detlefsen on January 27, 2016

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At the summer solstice post I said I would be getting back with a longer, deeper insight into everyone’s innate truth-meter. It turns out, that has become the hub of a wheel with many spokes. I hope to describe these spokes and connect the wheel throughout the year in a series of posts.

To be clear, my interests are in the nature of relationships between mankind and natural worlds – with other species of the planet whom we are meant to be stewards of on earth.

A mind blowing discovery right away was in meanings between words. From Brian Johnson’s interview with Alberto Villoldo where some amazing context about consciousness was explained. First was the different meaning of feelings and emotions. It turns out feelings are processed by the nervous system every 20 minutes and then resolve into a beautiful dissolved nothingness. Express yourself, because then the feeling is gone. Stuff it somewhere and woe may befall. Because formed emotions stick with you. This is a clue. The clue being emotions need to be acknowledged and resolved consciously. Upon processing the emotion in a healthy way, we regain access to our truth-meter. Release the emotions! Hang onto them and you have no truth-meter access that’s reliable.

I believe the truth-meter is the gut-brain myself. Call it your sub-conscious if you want. Others might call it heart wisdom. We will learn more about it as my posts progress. To apply truth-meters for relying upon as trusted authorities within us is the outcome. The more practice the better we get. As they say, when you fall off the horse be sure to get right back up on it! Learning has just had an exponential jump in its fun factor.

Our present matrix has been adhered to as someone else’s interpretation of somebody else’s good idea for at least the last 5000 years. To confront the context of its truths, we are faced with others who challenge us, stomp our truth, invalidate, or slyly demean. My ,how-to, were the steps given in the earlier post. No one should argue with the present state of Earth being in the throes of transparent engineering in every field of endeavor. The fight at the top for money with control over the people population is real. (truth-meter check)

Recent research coming out about the gut-brain and its neuron ratio to the head brain is a numbers count. The neurons a body maintains at each ‘brain’ site is staggering. Personally when allowing, or freeing my subconscious to take action and make choices, it is a very real intelligence wiser than my decision-making waffling between options. I locate it as my gut-brain.

Horses have cultivated this in me by decades of equine massage therapy given such superior athletes. Horses by nature have an exceedingly high sensory intelligence. Keen trainers use interacting with their racehorses the choice from impulses prompted by the horses. It’s the relationship from one gut brain to another without a human-head brain creating static interference.

The resonance of such a practice strengthens the truth-meter. It’s one of millions of ways to build the muscles involved.

With the 100,000,000 (100 million) neurons discovered in the gut researchers have named the gut the largest endocrine organ of the body. Findings have revealed so many hormones and peptides with functioning between immune cells and signalling substances, intestines have been dubbed a sensory organ. In addition to the intelligence in a guts neuron population, neuroscience research is testing difference in microbiota on the central nervous system, the CNS. They are looking to develop strategies for complex disorders of the CNS. It is now considered a gut-brain-to-head-brain axis, using the gut brain to treat the head brain with mind altering micro-organisms. This is a clue for investigating its context so take note. It is a spoke unto the wheel which I will be pursuing. Short story, to be safe, make your own yogurt started from a trusted purveyor of micro-organisms!

One practice for tuning the truth-meter is by tapping into resonance, frequencies, vibrations. There are all kinds of data on YouTube and Scribd for example where research is often grouped under quantum physics, quantum mechanics, fractal universe, unified fields – each valid spokes of the wheel. For our purposes right now I am looking at ciphers or numerology. The geometric forms of the earth and the solar system are described numerically. The gematria of spiritual texts, lead us to another spoke needing context, right? Yes. Astro-theology is another. My favorite is astro-numerology for finding fortunate name numbers to carry us along as we persist in the current matrix.

Why all the need for spokes to the hub? Because globally we can see the matrix that has been paved is a grid that we are not taught about. The truth-meter isn’t going to take any of us out of the grid set-up. In order for that to happen we need to construct another different grid. Something worthy of generations to create. For which we may be here tasked with setting up its foundations. Knowing everything there is about the current one is the only way to avoid repeating mistakes within its twisted form.

So what’s so good about our inner truth-meter? It is that it is ever present. It is stressed all the time but it is resilient. Constantly being disabled by this grid, it’s indomitable. The exercise is in trusting it, knowing it, understanding it and that comes from using it. Then its guidance for the 21st century is a repairs meter and moves us forward into an empowering future. Horses, my business working with them and their people, the attendant life involved with horse-keeping and equestrian sports have presented me with this ride for the Ages. Rider’s up, turn on that truth-meter. All the best!





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