The Art of Riding and Horsemanship

by joanieeditr on January 18, 2011

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Riding or horsemanship is an art. There is no denying riding is a creative expression of a partnership. Let us listen to what one creative genius hears from another. It goes to the heart of creativity, to art.

Riders are often quoting, seeking or referring back to a Master of earlier days. To those ancestors of riding who taught exquisitely the art of combining man and horse in synchronized movement. Who showed us how far the art of riding can take us. But this is not about them.

Hear Elizabeth Gilbert on TED who also talks about Master ancestors. Her conclusions apply to some riders, perhaps especially those of us who live with our horses. She shares what she learned after writing her blockbuster hit Eat, Pray, Love.

Although the art of writing and horsemanship are very different expressions of creativity I hear what she says from the personal to the divine. And those masters combine very well with mine!

I am glad to share the video. How do you think it fits into the day in and day out work with your horse? No prior blockbuster success required to understand fears, egos, exaltation and despair.

This is a nice approach to personal success from a decidedly determined artist. I wish you all success!

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