Season of Grace

by joanieeditr on November 24, 2010

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I want to clear the way emotionally to get with the collective conscious at this holiday time of gratitude. So first I have to take a moment to grieve for the loss of my rights. I have been used to controlling my personal health and privacy as have all US citizens. New dramatic changes on both fronts have passed in recent laws eroding health and privacy rights. Sniff. (Politicians and the rich who fly from FBO’s are exceptions.)

Now I can move on to express profound gratitude for all the people, opportunities and experiences in my life that bring goals nearer to fruition everyday. In your experience, perhaps you have attained your desires and are already manifesting what you want. Well done!

In the spirit of honoring all our dreams I want to acknowledge my goals. They are, of course, connected to horses, to riding, to business, to relationships. Probably yours are too. I will spare you my details in this blog post and save those for a future article. This holiday post is more to the core and heart of the cheer.

First I must digress to say a line about why I have not had a fresh blog post recently. I am writing a series on saddle fitting posted through my Shop. Some of it I will put into a tab on my FaceBook Page but you should learn about the saddles in depth via the Shop. That said, I can’t help but invite you to visit the FaceBook Page and ‘Like’ it, if you do. Once I get 25 ‘Fans’ I can improve my ‘name’ of the Page. Thank you.

Getting to know horses and riding from the perspective of internet marketing has brought me closer to understanding my purpose. I see I am happiest and most effective when either of a forgiving mind or in a grateful state. My love of being in nature with animals always makes me curious about the workings of those things.

Through riding there is direct feedback from the perspective of the horse. Quoting the great Fulmer International founder, Robert Hall in an interview this year, one of his “Fulmer Way maxims is ‘It doesn’t matter.’ If you make a mistake by the next stride, the mistake is history. Forget about it.” The truth of this statement begs the question of just how forgiving are horses. For, as we know, to err is human.

If I walk through this world as an increasingly proficient horseman, okay horsewoman, does that greater connection with horses confer more of their traits to me, I wonder? As a rider of course I hope so. The goal is to become one with my horse in all phases and all movements. Step by step stride by stride, it is a worthy lifelong undertaking full of interesting twists and turns. To all the people, opportunities, experiences and horses that have graced my journey, happy Thanksgiving!

Thank you for reading this. If you want to acknowledge your goals you will empower all readers here! Leave a comment…
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