Sale is On For Racehorses

by Joanie Detlefsen on February 11, 2017

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Now is the time for a Happy Birthday Sale for horses registered in the Northern Hemisphere!

For the month February – March 2017

Pony on over to the Shop & Buy during Sale!

Tools for the Horse means a Quick & Easy Advantage **** Get the Discounts


30% off for Best Back & Best Stride

Exercise Saddle

For formidable power

from strength in back muscles.


25% off Name Reports For the MOST FORTUNATE Registered Name

For Easiness, Peace of Mind and Great Confidence

Simplifies the nature of horse wisdom. A highly sensorial awareness.

Month long Sale Begins at this special time of the lunar eclipse 2/11/2017 through 3/10/2017




Inspired by annual Horse’s Registered Birthday SALE –

January 1st, everyyear is The Jockey Club Registry annual Foaling Date :

Name Reports For the MOST FORTUNATE Registered Name


***The manufacturers of WOW spent many years designing the right WOW Exercise Saddle for racing on the flat and another for over fences. (Note that although my site’s embedded photos are older, this is why it does not contain racing images yet.) It means a lot of engineering and testing went into creating exercise saddles for the best back galloping racehorses can develop. The result is formidable power from strength in the back muscles.
****beginning an equine massage therapy practice in 1984 makes me a pioneer in the field. Taking the  imparted knowledge by all the wonderful mounts and their people giving empowerment to the horses, tailoring to fit budgets and goals back. Means that I wanted to help the horses; but that had to help the owners. My business model has been to be abroad in the equestrian disciplines and network intelligence between them.



photo credit: peter_2cv open! via photopin (license)

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