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by joanieeditr on April 8, 2015

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Everything in the world can be described in numbers – colors, words, music, animals and plants, each emits a vibration. Vibrations reduce to numerical qualities with meanings.

A Fortunate name or Challenging name, turns out it’s not for you to decide, it’s within its vibration reduced to a number. Here’s an interesting aspect to the process if you are registering a foal name. It’s fun. Spelling, double entendre or more are limited slightly by breed rules and great annoying mental gymnastics. Astro-numerology is based on a traditional model from sages a long time ago.

Astro-numerology describes many things but a name is one thing that getting Fortunate is a very good idea for making things easier. A Fortunate Name offer I have in my shop is called Name For A Horse. Making their life flow with an easy vibration versus a challenging one, makes yours less worrying. A name report is emailed with the selected spelling and description following a phone consult.

Older than Pythagoras, when resonance was recognized as benefiting or challenging, the meaning of numbers were defined by the Chaldeans of the Southern Babylonia area in the 1st millennia BC. Although their ancient wisdom was recorded and passed down before the time of Pythagoras he described it well, saying, how to know oneself is to know God. And this he described is through numbers.

For me, the opportunity to ease an aspect of a horses’ career is irresistible. That the Chaldeans probably migrated to lower Mesopotamia from the Arabian desert adds a certain air to the descendants of Arab stallions for Thoroughbreds and Warmbloods and Arab horses. I don’t want to say it looks like agony to come up with a good name for a foal (does). That is tough enough. Adding to it the challenge of finding an optimum fortunate number for the preferred name, could be compound it. That’s true, but it is it worth it if its for lifelong.

I wanted to share with you this part of Astro-Numerology, the current name that is used publicly. To give you a Naming-a-Fortunate name experience. This service is available, open, operational and very reasonably priced. Check it out here It’s a very best idea!

A Barn name is included when you order a Name For A Horse consultation at the site – because a fortunate name and aligning a vibration is not just it being seen printed by hundreds or thousands of people when its published, or you just writing it on paper, but by the sound and tone of it. But a barn name or a nickname, unless it’s always used, just kept within the horses close circle does not need its numbers to add up.

How many horses registered full names are used around the stalls, I know = very few, only some. In having it to be fortunate as well, the name spoken and written fortunately will probably be used more. The  offer extends for time needed for registering, no time limit on that, but, it is a limited time offer.

To simplify the maze of naming, name use, name registration and the time between hooves on the ground and actually getting to training – this is a special, limited time offer of a Fortunate Name right away, and when working out the registration another consult then if its needed.

For example, here are some fortunate, neutral and challenging recently available Jockey Club registrations.

Fortunate Name examples
‘Paco’ is a 19
‘Practical Matter’ is a 10*
‘Practically Magic’ is a 42
‘Jaady’ is a 8*
‘Dacian’ is a 15
‘Daddy G’ is a 17

Challenging Name examples
‘Packin A Punch’ is a 12
‘Paddyswickedtemper’ is a 70
‘Pow Pow Power’ is a 70
‘Izzy Speaking’ is a 44
‘Jack Pot Judy’ is a 38
‘Daahoos’ is a 28

*denotes special rules

Your Name For A Horse report describes the meaning of the fortunate spelling. If you want to start a more fortunate world one at a time, make it easy with my tools for the horse.

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