Lasting Energy in Performance Horses

by Joanie Detlefsen on July 6, 2015

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Inspired by the first Triple Crown Winner since 1978, American Pharoah who made winning look easy, 3 times, I want to give some key factors about how short term and long term longevity is achieved. Oxygen availability needs are high. It is consumed voluminously by racehorses through the action of their body at speed. It is virtually pumped in and expelled out by thrusting, pounding, hoof to track propelling lengths of stride in extension and contraction.

Pictures of the winner show beautiful big, long wide nostrils. Besides the stars aligning to bring such excitement to the sport, —- seeing those images shows lots of Air is available to him. Look at this tweet from HRTV where I first noticed it. See what I mean? They’re gorgeous.

(In an aside, watch the short video of Homecoming to Santa Anita Park in Arcadia, California where his track pony is walking and stretching out after the long drive from Kentucky too. I love it! The companion-ablility of horses, even super stars, is always a lovely scene).

Racehorses need oxygen consistently throughout a race, all the way to the end, to the finish line. How to consistently accomplish the task can be inscrutable to the trainer, vets and grooms. Handicappers, jockeys, all—- are frustrated when everything seems right then running peters out too soon.

The oxygen quest is extremely worthwhile to followup on your own. I wouldn’t count on the medicine men and women to know it all. Here’s some avenues to explore….

…because when you go through past performances in a racing form and comments say in various ways examples of weak finishes like faded early, gave out, hung, empty, out finished. You need to know.

An easy check is in the hard feed, that all compounds and supplements are of the highest quality with the best agricultural practices. Ten or fifteen years ago research was written that something as simple as apple cider vinegar, for example… it needed to be from organic manufacturer/producers..>> Gotten at the healthfood store. The description of the different forms was related to the effects on oxygen carrying blood vessels. My eyes popped when I read it.

Organic versions supported better oxygen supplies in red blood cells. Whereas the commercial version, made with chemical extraction, virtually cost the body red blood cells. That’s what it said, it kills red blood cells. But you know that is off of published accounts everywhere, it cannot be found, and leaves me wondering about not enough money for double blind studies or something. I’ve been looking for that research for the last five years and it is gone.

There is interesting information on the different extraction and fermentation processes still worth seeking out and taking a peek at. At the very least, take heed, and minimize the chances of oxygen red blood cell death if you do use apple cider vinegar in the feed program or in poultices. Although its uncertain how much oxygen carrying capacity is lost if you go with commercial extraction. I for one won’t chance it when the delicious alternative surely does increase oxygen capacity in the cells….

….I know this much, there is a tremendous amount of oxidation and oxidizing effects in the cells by burning as much fuel as a racing horses does.

‘Reduction’ needs to be part of the tools the body has to balance itself (electrically) and minimize cell damage. Not only that, it is the very generator of energy. Iodine provides the essential ingredient for electrons and cells uptake of them to complete the process of ATP energy with protons. For a master gland, the thyroid, it is very important.

And in the olden days when farmers used an iodine strong, Lugols solution – look it up in old Farmers Almanacs, horses on the farm went on and on doing their jobs into a healthy old age.

While there are more benefits from iodine in trillions of cells of the body, rest assured the reduction of free radicals as an anti-oxidant is one you want! Make sure you know about adding the iodine of your choice (to the water).

Source® is a nice trace mineral supplement with iodine but not enough to depend on exclusively. Iodized salt is touted by nutrition vets for a balanced mineral basis in feed. Weigh what you have heard about iodine as you explore it. Ask yourself who says and who benefits monetarily. Some say all of Western medicine began with the supplementation of humble affordable iodine.

Finally, be incredibly studious about the feed for your performances horses ! Their need of high oxygen transport is a key to the kingdom of success after all. Sugars impede the flow of oxygen, the transport of oxygen, yes sugar is problematic though often the energy booster of choice….

Carbohydrate and feed recommendations belong to the consulting field. What I’m saying is study it. Study it well. Talk to everyone you can connected to feeds to know more about trusted products and finding trusted authorities. It is all comprehensible if you keep it simple. Use that as a rule to judge your resource. A song and dance is smoke and mirrors. Get something better for your horses!

Racing is expensive don’t waste your money, make your money. Give a horse what it needs and it will go to work for you with all its heart. We want all the horses in the game to feel as good as possible to make the sport fun for everyone.




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