Kiss for Father’s Day

by Joanie Detlefsen on June 21, 2015

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I have a short post for this blog that is too long for Twitter.

The social media platform of 140 characters is particularly nice as it engages thinking.

This message is about a way, a Tao for determining the true from the false. How to make it simpler, so it can be messaged down to 140.

Every single solitary person has a truth meter. Here’s a users manual.

Draw away from group-think momentarily to examine information free of distraction…

…this can be physically or mentally or emotionally – enough to get the hook out.

Give it a minute or two until the knee jerk reaction subsides….

…or a day or more if its huge or has a mega shock factor. Or in case the hook has a barb on it.

Quietly wonder

  • who’s telling me this,
  • ask, do they care about me
  • who benefits if the exact opposite were true
  • what does the opposite look like


Leave it at that and over the next few hours or days or more your sub-conscious, where the actual truth meter within each individual exists, will be at work on it…

The idea that sticks with you the most and the longest is the truest. Simple.

An easy example is the recent news about peanut butter that passed by my eye briefly. I ignore things I strongly disagree with, such as that. However I have to dwell on who benefits and why. Thus to examine it free of emotional charge is done by simply looking at the opposite of it. After a couple of days that which has stuck like -pardon the pun- peanut butter, is in actual fact the truth.

I really wish everyone had the greatest of health and ingested zero medications.

My health status is pretty good. As such my truth meter chokes me up and brings tears to my eyes when I hear a strong truth. I know, haha, sometimes inconvenient…

….here’s an example of where that pops – I give you John Denver.

Have fun…

…look for my long blogpost I’m writing about emotional literacy – it dives deeper into healthy balance of wholeness. It’s the pedal to the metal on the topic.

Happy Summer Solstice 2015 Dad, Xx

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