Intelligence of Water

by Joanie Detlefsen on April 26, 2017

in ideas

When the book showing the different forms water molecules shape into based on thoughts of positive ideas, negative thought forms, love or anger came out I absorbed it.

Have a look at some of the thought experiments. 

Many years have passed since I learned about it. Frequently I use the knowledge. Especially with all the aggressive geoengineering going on.

I spend a lot of time traipsing around outdoors. When its raining I tend to hunker in, brace against it. That’s when I am triggered into saying hello to the water molecules. I look into to the sky and suggest that with all the love around here to send beautiful droplets for the fields.

Who knows, right? Here’s the surprise. This week a neighbor, who rents from a farmer adjoining my farm lane, was out mowing and we greeted one another. He stated categorically he has never had to mow so much since he moved into that home. Said has never seen so much grass grow so fast.

There is one side effect I can attribute directly to those beautiful water droplets. Although my mower man says mine is extremely abundant, I can attribute it to my bio-dynamic amendments spraying. This renter neighbor does no such thing. And farmers, welp, they are the monsanto army by defacto edict. There has been nothing done to his ground other than my conversations with rain.

That’s juicy.

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