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by joanieeditr on April 23, 2013

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I have to do a video of me working on horses. It is the best way to show you good people the most effective treatments to go deep gently for profound effects. I am planning to do it. I do not want to teach any basics because I can’t really remember back then. So I want practitioners to get the info. I was on the cusp of a perfect video setup but apparently not, at least for now. I am attentive to it though.

So that’s said, now about actual tactile work. Further, my Russian massage teacher who passed away left two others to carry on and teach her work. I discovered them and that they are not doing so, and have started putting pressure with guilt on one to do it. I think she is writing it now. She will do an awesome and perfect training that you will absolutely want to take. Even though it is so physical and not energy. In my world view of therapy, energy is physical. As you will clearly learn in my video demonstration.

I’m not really so out there, except having been a ‘lead scout’ for so long I really am but conservatively so. weird kind of. I have had amazing teachers I put together because no one was teaching this when I started so had the good fortune of creating a curriculum to get specific results and no one was telling me what to do to get what effect except for horses.

Now to electric-magnet fields – these things are things of consciousness and not things of gravity. They are really out of bounds to talk about for some reason, Science is highly invested in the other. I am going to put together some links to books or interviews or sites that I think might interest you and post them in Facebook for friends. Keeping in mind you are going to respond to what resonates with you at the time.

I do appreciate your interest because I am super particular to find trusted authorities. I think it is extremely important to learn from someone who knows of that which they speak. There is great online marketing going on, and while I think a lot of nearly everyone has the very best intention for people there are a lot who have a lot of tension and investment in being right. Even some of the wonderful old teachers. One of my measuring guides is if someone is saying something they have recently learned or if they are parroting old standards they’ve had. Life is like riding. It is a process – oh, like healing too, so for me, cutting edge processes have been a keen interest.

Hope this hasn’t bored you. I just want to have it stated so I can begin putting some links out later. Everything is consciousness, and exists out of consciousness, there is no need to be puzzled, only to await the smart science rebels to come up with proof. I’m going to introduce you to some of those types. Science in schools is on the lower spectrum of consciousness, and I’m sure that is fine for a certain age. Not for keeping truths hidden however.

I’ll leave this blog post with an example for you. And I’m telling you so you can reflect on the possibility of it when you are with your horses. The most far out school of thought I’ve learned something from is the one which believes/states that all the planets are a consciousness and that is why they are consciously in the orbits they are , galaxies , etc. It is from an Akashic records school. Mind blowing I know. But it is with that extreme in mind that plants the seed to keep you remembering from time to time, that no matter what you are doing, whether it’s training, healing, feeding, mucking etc. this is a good idea to be reflecting from because your mind is open and light is coming in.

Trust it, while knowing how important it is to keep trusted authorities for resources because there is indeed a force that is not for good that sometimes needs wrestling with. and I’m not going religious on you. It’s just the monsanto ilk and you know how powerful and pervasive that is. I’m speaking of consciousness now. The best path to unity when combining equine massage to free the body.

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