Deliberate Classical Dressage

by joanieeditr on September 16, 2010

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In the spirit of naming a method that fills the chasm between rollkur and natural horsemanship I humbly submit a name more specific than my suggestion of THAT Riding, Transitioning Horses to Athletes for Training. I tip my hat to classical dressage with Deliberate Classical Dressage. The ongoing debates between geographical methods like German, French, Portuguese, connected to the breed of horse historically in training like German warmbloods, French thoroughbreds and arabs, or Portuguese andulusian, lusitano and Austrian or Polish lippizaner, is more complex being tied to the lineage of a particular master. The borders between breeds and methods are blurred today with trainers mixing it up for students.

When I began diligently building a comprehensive tack shop on the website for the custom made WOW saddles, the focus necessary to list a display of all its options spilled into everything else I do too. Having made time to get some riding with my beloved horse it turned out that influence gave me a very new deliberate way of riding.

Since the super focused way has been working so well I decided to look for a trainer to match. Luckily through a fabulous networking resource I was introduced to Willi Schultheiss’ method. It is so suitable and delightful for where I am in relation to my horse, and, might I add, the shop is coming along quickly, and soon will be live.

During this time of course I also used online searches and forums. For the fans of Willi, this story is really courageous and charming, html

I think of my riding as Deliberate Classical Dressage because it sums up what is working so elegantly, so eloquently.

What do you call your riding? Write a note under this in ‘comment’ with what you call it!

Cheers, joanielogo

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