Biophysics for Horses

by joanieeditr on January 31, 2013

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I have advocated for biophysics to be considered in many discussions. Deconstructing horses biomechanics exclusively is very popular. Super cool books and smart teachers are easy to find. After thousands of hours spent doing massage I am aware of other influences of consequence. Massage is a tactile, palpating and sensory treatment. To a superior sensory intelligent body like a horse, it’s very effective for speeding recovery from the effects of training and use. The strictly mechanical and biomechanical approach that balances muscle pairs still misses a lot of the horse!

Enlightening the equestrian world to physiological massage that is the Russian massage model, medically researched for 50 years, is not my intention. Great as that is, this preamble is leading you to subtle but most effective total healing from biophysics. In this case I was awakened to the science by biophysicist James L. Oschman. Reading his research bears newsworthy note for everyone who has a horse with hooves. Like the saying ‘no hoof, no horse’. There is of course a great range that could be considered ‘how is the hoof, is how the horse is’.

Not reflexology, although I have wondered about certain canals, fissures and pools on the sole that might speak to the observer, this is of far wider importance. I learned about Dr. Oschman on, the site on the electric plasma universe. Beyond his foreward in the book, Earthing, with colleague Gaetan Chevalier, PhD are compelling hypotheses from their research that transfers to the barefoot trimmed horse. In summary, there is an ‘inflammatory barricade’ around sites of injuries. Described as an area where the immune system focuses on eliminating the effects and debris after a traumatic injury. Apparently, free radicals participating in this then actually spread and attack healthy tissue. That results in the chronic inflammation. (pg. 91-93). I guess this is what my knee was doing to me for some time.

The planet earth is an electron generator on a mega scale. It sounds to me like the epidemic of chronic inflammation going around may be from electron starved bodies. With a ready supply freely available, that’s a shame. Thing is, contact with earth has to be made to benefit from them. They are easily absorbed and immediately influence the whole body. The research finds that these electrons can and do penetrate that barricade. Their presence neutralizes the free radicals hanging in the pockets of inflammation. Accelerating, or finally, healing occurs as the immune system restores the injured site to normal.

You see why a barefoot horse enjoys great health. What a great feeling, freedom from inflammatory barricades!

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