A Name Matters

by joanieeditr on August 7, 2010

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Words matter, and naming things attracts energy to it. Right now there is an opportunity to help horses by naming the training method for developing muscles that allows horses to perform with biomechanical integrity. In the wake of

  1. new revelations that the FEI Rollkur policy is not being enforced,
  2. the tumultuous effects of Gerd Heuschmann’s efforts, arguably the most important advocate for training strong biomechanics correctly, are being squandered
  3. with tens of thousands of riders aligned with synchronistic riding who signed a petition against RK in early 2010, in support of euphemistically classical dressage,

all would be well served if everyone called it by a good name.

By referring to something in a negative, it adds power to the keyword. By referring to anti-RK or anti-LDR or anti-hyperflexion it increases the power of rollkur (rolkeur) or LDR (low, deep and round) and hyperflexion.

The science of the sub-conscious and conscious mind explains this in some very interesting ways. Doctors who study this research, test and write about their findings in neurology and biology but especially in linguistics. Both Bruce Lipton, Yvonne Oswald have very good books available.

It turns out the mind is like a computer attracting keywords of our speech and thought. The negative qualifiers before the keywords are not factored in, just keywords make sense to our minds. One easy example is, don’t think about a soft baby bunny running from a cat, do not think about the bunny running from the cat, do not do it. Right from of your sub-conscious mind will pop up the image and thought. Riders experience the importance of their brain when they are riding.  Knowing this, they could come up with a name that describes what they like about training that helps horses become athletes.

At the February FEI policy meeting although armed with around 40,000 signatures, those favoring RK for it’s spectacular movement of the front legs outnumbered those who did not. The conflict is an interesting metaphor for a sport, dressage, which claims to be both balancing and beautiful dancing. There is a strong economic incentive to use up the horses as vehicles for a means to an end. The irony is best saved for an article, not a blog post, because it’s like horse racing. For all those who favor horses and want to connect with their extraordinary spirits, and train the good ones and retrain all the others that they can, I ask for a name to call it! Classical dressage does not work as it does not describe any specifics.

Knowing how these thoughts and words form the law of attraction, a good descriptive, specific name is needed. Remember this, if you tell a child not to do something, the child does it. It is a function of the mind attracting the keyword. Don’t touch the hot stove, right? By not having a good name to rally the hearts of riders around is not good, is another example of keyword attraction to come up with something good. It brings to the readers mind a good name, and it is a good exercise to do.

Here are my contributions to the list of words that could be massaged around into a good name. There are many brilliant lovely riders and thinkers involved with this issue. Perhaps this post can provide a perspective, seeing the forest from the trees, and spur them into a good naming process.

  1. Transitioning Horse to Athlete training, or THAT – because horses are not anatomically designed to do what we ask of them to carry a rider and perform gymnastics, it is the rider’s responsibility to transition the horse into the job of athlete.
  2. Unique Horse Muscle Development, UHMD – because each horse is unique and it is the muscle training that is important.

If horsemanship is commonsense, then here is the rationale. No one will ever get rid of what they are trying to get rid of if they keep calling its’ name and envisioning it. There are many words to play around with like, harmony, back muscles, neck strength, head leading, synchronicity, synergy, integrity, moving together, and more. Play with your own ideas and let us hear your good names! There will be a standout because everyone will recognize it speaks to their goals and start using it.

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