Win This Race

by Joanie Detlefsen on March 21, 2017

in horses

Wear blinkers baby. Blinkers to win this race!

I’m speaking metaphorically of course. About the rat race underway in country and the world at large. The horse industry being my voice as what I see is the greatest microcosm. Racing especially takes it to the elite level of not only athletes performing at maximum ability. Also the intensity and drive of competition enshrined in the challenge.

This is just a great photo of winning wearing blinkers. Further, it shows how the health required to succeed. I present you with a bit of eye candy of ability where a contraction can only be equal to a reach. This pair is covering ground! Folding and going. Gorgeous. Wishing all a distraction free season of the vernal equinox.


ARCADIA, CA – FEB 7: Jockey Corey Nakatani guides “Cyrus Alexander” to victory in a maiden race at historic Santa Anita Park on February 7, 2015 in Arcadia, CA.


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