Triple Crown Wrap-up Numbers

by Joanie Detlefsen on July 2, 2017

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From the opening Grade 1 Stakes Triple Crown 2017 season. Here is a deeper look into the energy, excitement, fears, doubts, worries and euphoria of the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness Stakes, and the Belmont Stakes horses name numbers. A free report on pedigree research for a fortunate attraction or a horses challenge by given names is underway. Here is an intro into the correlations on how it adds knowledge to horsemen or horseplayers. With lots of racing a’hoof this summer, the astroNumerology correlations look from a deeper view. Beginning with an outline of the Preakness Stakes horses.

The meanings behind the numbers are important for managing the horse, yes. For handicapping bettors what this wrap-up post is about is how to see into the horse. As a prelude for owners of 2015 horses both for Name registry and training management to contribute a lot to attain the ring, the Triple Crown win in 2018. A full report is coming soon, it will be free and deep into the pedigrees.

Start by looking at this to add a layer, another dimension to gauging answers to your questions. What did we learn as bettors if you were reading along with me during the races? That it is as important to include Sire’s pedigree name astroNumerology numbers as well as the Dam’s. In hindsight it will help accelerate moving forward with momentum. It’s more than a drop in the ocean. This is identifying a scalar wave using resonance of numbers connected to names. Names that are seen, names are heard, names are written.

Finding waves you like, finding waves to avoid.

I know I know I know the meanings conferred with the name numerology are not included. They do have an influence, a big one. They effect the outcome and that is why the Reports are important tools, order your bloodstock pedigree list here. Or email for a custom report. The blogposts aren’t reports. I’m just reporting on the reports as there is a lot of time involved generating them. The first free one is on its way shortly.

For example the first report is for handicapping this season. But one useful to trainers and grooms would be helpful of a horse acting dangerously- around the stall and shed row. It might be challenged with dark forces will be showup in the name numerology. Whereas the same behavior might be exhibited by a favorable numerology and what does that mean? It shows up as being very sensitive to intense vibrations… an indicator to keep ulcer remedies in the feed tub.

Using the pedigrees of the top three winners back 5 matings of the favorably named for attracting financial success and those challenging named numbers which are named to have it less easy. The reason I put the top 5 places in the races because they all gets checks – not the bettors though.

Single asterisk connote fortunate name resonances, double asterisks mean a ‘rule’ needs to be satisfied in order to become fortunate. N refers to a neutral name. When all three races are posted a tally on sires and dams will be added for all of the three winners in the Triple Crown.

Belmont Stakes

Tapwrit 26, Tapit 18 – Appealing Zophie *14, Successful Appeal *15 – Zophie *33, Hawkster 28

Irish War Cry 18, Curlin N20 – Irish Sovereign 13, Polish Number 18 – Irish Genius 35, Beau Genius **10

Patch *21, Union Rags 15 – Windyindy 28, A.P. Indy N20 – Unbridled Wind 12, Unbridled *32

Gormley 25, Malibu Moon 13 – Race to Urga 34, Bernstein *32 – Miss Mambo 11, Kingmambo 29

Senior Investment 11, Discreetly Mine **10 – Plaid *17, Deputy Commander *19 – Sapphire Beads 12, Unreal Zeal 29

Preakness Stakes

1st – **10 Cloud Computing, *45 McLean’s Music – *41 Quick Temper, 20 A.P. Indy

1st) both sire and dam
2nd) both dams, neither sires
3rd) a sire & dam mating each side, that’s a first. Forty Niner deserves special mention although his is not a favorable name number its interesting in its reflection. 31 Forty Niner whereas 49=13, nice mirroring, very unique & perhaps special.
4th) 3 sires on the top are with 6 total dams, 3 each top & bottom
5th) 6 sires and 7 dams

2nd – 15 Classic Empire, 13 Pioneerof theNile – 11 Sambuca Classica, 13 Cat Thief

Fortunate names for favorable success in summary of 5 cross:
1st) neither one
2nd) none, either side
3rd) 3 on top the sire’s side; none on bottom
4th) 3 sires & 2 dams 
on topside, one sire & 1 dam on damside
5th) 5 of the sireside sires & 3 of the damside sires; 4 dams on top and 6 dams on dams.

3rd – 11 Senior Investment, **10 Discreetly Mine – *17 Plaid, Deputy Commander *19 – Sapphire Beads 12, Unreal Zeal 29

Fortunate names for favorable success in summary of 5 cross:
1st) each sire & dam
2nd) both sires & 1 dam
3rd) only 1 out of 4 sire’s but 3 of 4 of the dam’s.
4th) 6 of the 8 sire’s plus 6 out of 8 dams.
5th) 6 of the 16 sires and 10 of 16 dams.

4th – 16 Lookin At Lee, 18 Lookin At Lucky – **17 Langara Lass

5th – 11 Gunnevera, **15 Dialed In – 43 Unbridled Rage


Kentucky Derby

Always Dreaming – 13, 7, 16/7 … Bodemeister 42*, Above Perfection 42*

Lookin At Lee – 16, 7, 17/8 … Lookin At Lucky 18, Langara Lass 17*

Battle Of Midway – 15**, 3, 11/2 … Smart Strike 13, Rigoletta 30

Classic Empire – 15**, 3, 13/4 … Pioneer of the Nile 22, Sambuca Classica 11

Practical Joke – 14*, 6, 26/8 … Into Mischief 11, Halo Humor 13

More than a drop in the ocean

I have to tell you now and repeat it that all numbers are meaningful. Like the day and the night each has strengths and shadows of caution. However when applying astroNumerology to names, those have specific meanings relevant to a name resonance as seen, heard, written. I have not stated this before but I have not taken such an in depth assessment of pedigrees in a blog post until now.

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