Magnifying Meaning of Horses Names

by Joanie Detlefsen on November 6, 2017

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In previous posts on horse numerology, using my understanding of the unique ancient system, Chaldean astro-numerology, were correlations between names within pedigrees. Often 5 crosses back at least to some extent. It is a big topic. There are many great angles to it. Horsemen will be able to get wide ranging uses from the upcoming reports.

Getting into what difference a Number makes relative to its meaning, here is a look at resonance within race training on a few of the first horses I researched. Certain numbers reflect a fortunate meaning yet others have the opposite meaning. A challenging name agency.

Reports on this years ‘ named ‘ soon to be 3 year olds I hope to see used as forward guidance*. Aims of winning a Triple Crown can gain an edge by knowing what’s emitting from the contenders name.
Other Reports of correlations between contenders pedigrees is important, too. Just not as much as the names are right now.

Here’s why knowing a name number meaning is helpful and brings greater clarity. There is the fortunate favorable current, or the challenging testing one in name numbers. In terms of a horse racing lucky numbers game, I think not. Used for clarity in decisions – I think so! It’s part of a natural path to freedom from angst.

With my new website barreling along beautifully towards launching, and exploring how to write the Reports to serve you best, start here. The young horse athletes of 2013 starting their careers as 3 year olds in 2016, a few recent Triple Crown stars.

Think of the Fortunate name number horse as going to the starting gate with a calling card that emits, coming from having attracted a positive environment that helps it overcome obstacles. In terms of a way how a fortunate number helps elevate success faster.

A Challenging name number meaning is such that those successes are not easily obtained nor as quickly. A road to riches is not as smooth with the challenging number. How about the astrology bit? The ancient Chaldean numerology wisdom applies Rules to certain of the numbers. These are either satisfied or not by the given Day Born.

The colt, Nyquist, a #21 – that is a Fortunate name number. It’s frequency attracts honors and symbolizes victory after a long initiation set of challenges. See what you think at this link.

Exaggerator, a #38 expresses the Challenging name number. It’s got a resonance of as if two pillars 11 need to be stepped through each and every moment to maintain harmony. A bit like the ground hog day movie and each time like a springtime crocus pushing up through to the hint of sun. Tricky, but worth the while. Constantly tested for maintaining energy and optimism in the face of unexpected activity. Very good things to understand.

Speaking of pairs, I like that, Gun Runner, being a #12 name number is a mirror of Nyquist’s #21. However a #12 is deemed challenging because of a complicated tendency to attract a victimhood, a martyr-like suffering – although there is knowledge and strength it attracts, which may lead to making a fortune. ergo, challenging.

Mo Tom, a #17, illustrates why I am making the big push for the 2015 foals/fillies/colts. It’s in order to give trainers and connections clarity on the potential for hazards that can slow success. It isn’t that his #17, usually a fortunate number is one – it isn’t. Why? The Rule attached to the number as per his astrology does not satisfy it. It fizzles to a challenging 17. It’s effect can mean loss of discernment, distractions moving in the opposite direction from synchronicity. Desired resilience might be weakened by set backs, those sorts of hiccups. Annoying is an understatement.

A strong possibility for a Triple Crown winner in 2018 exists because of the 2015 year number. The root number 8 is a tricky fateful number though, relegated to a lot of Rules category. Naming reports available through my new website might actually be horse racing lucky numbers if making successful outcomes easier is enough.

If it isn’t enough, you will see the other item that could sew it up for the lucky connections once the site launches. In the meantime do call with questions.

My contact number is 877-776-8451.

*Guidance* is available and might be very favorable 😉

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