Balance In Horses

by Joanie Detlefsen on September 22, 2017

in astro-Numerology,horses

The title of this post has a multi-meaning. It’s a brain wave of various facets. It embraces horsemanship, riding, and astroNumerology – and today it is the autumnal equinox. The cosmic balance of equal light and dark.



The last posting I did before the 4th of July was with every intention that I knew which way to navigate my evolving horse project.

But then….
new information caused a pause of some major financial level proportion. Just so you know, it hasn’t stopped me no way jose. The detour has been the rate of the tortoise pace,

not the speed of Stakes racing horses.

It’s kinda comical how practically every post that I blog refers to future ones.

You know there is a lot to absorb. I cannot share any wisdom I’ve gained nor even the knowledge that has helped me arrive at it, until I can describe it to a kid so they can understand it.

Let me say here and now that my website content, my services and my products, for many tens of years have been envelope pushing-  into the market they are designed for. That is now going to change. There. That’s balance. Because my creative ideas will provide something entirely new in a totally new way using all the wealth of horse wisdom, equine industry knowledge, combined with the new wave of a paradigm shifting matrix. One that we can all understand. One that I will be able to inform enough about so that everybody whatever age can choose ➡ to move in the direction it’s heading, choose to brake and fight for the dying matrix, / or choose to do nothing at all.

It does somewhat remind me of continuing on an envelope pushing path. Well, I hope you will come along. Once my loose ends are tidied up I will be devoting myself to that which I refer. Finding the equilibrium is more like it.

Love from horses, coming at you.

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