A 9 Year Cycle

by Joanie Detlefsen on January 30, 2016

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The significance of 2016 is in its numbers. To look at what their resonant meaning is, is to describe the fundamental activities shaping world events in a meaningful, long-view, as I see it.

The century, 21, which adds up to a number 3 universally is defined by, the truth shall set you free. I agree. There are truths spilling out, oozing out, hacked out, and just plain outed out everywhere I turn. And the 2016 year, universal date that is 9, is really interesting. It’s the date of completion amongst other meanings.

I’m going to talk about it in terms of the 9 year cycle from my interests. A universal theme is the global economy to which horses when viewed as a microcosm definitely fit in. They straddle sectors as a division of the economy. A strong motivation for my Fortunate Name numerology product.

Look, 9 is the end – 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 – begin again. It signifies endings and beginnings. Release and rebirth is trusting yourself, and faith in your growth. In this case, what you have learned the previous years. So look, 9 years ago 2007 markets crashed and a lot of savers wealth disappeared into the pockets of a few smart dudes who knew how to grab it.

Since then we learned a new investing technique called algorithm trading was the mechanism that produced it. For going on nine long non-productive years now we are hitting all the signs of a new collapse. Or wealth redistribution if you dare to call taking savers money that. The wealthy have simply used their wealth to multiply it without breaking a productivebead of sweat equity between them.

What algorithm trading accomplished was something called momentum. And that’s what they did with all their junk bonds, derivatives, money printing and other arbitraging, in layman speak. All the charts, signs, arguments, defending it show that momentum has hit the pot-holes, broken infrastructure and speed bumps and its heading to a compost heap to be recycled. Take heart, it is part of the 9 year cycle of releasing the old and preparing for the new.

I highly favor looking at events through the prism the numbers speak because it’s a tool to maintain my truth-meter unfettered by emotional WTF’s. To honor my father on Father’s Day I wrote a post with a truth-meter mini-tutorial And I finally started to follow-up! yesterday. There is a lot of material. As promised, I’ll let you in on the cool stuff I’ve found.

Please leave me your questions or, read through my tweets. I talk about what charts are showing and provide links to helpful context about the broader activities.

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