Travel without my horses

by joanieeditr on January 11, 2010

in Equine

I treat my horses with a light and loving touch, caring for them myself, at home. Theirs is a well observed, independent lifestyle and they love being horses. It seems then that providing an ideal setup, paying attention to every detail of their comfort and safety while I fly off for a week might be smooth sailing. Particularly after I coached them with my attitude of ‘having an adventure in cold’, horses reflecting their people like mirrors and all that. It is winter here. It is a cold and windy winter here. It seemed to me everything should go well. I interpreted managing to avoid snowstorms by one day each direction and getting through the latest airport security on time to be auspicious. Since last summer’s travel, after flying on Virgin Atlantic I swore allegiance to them and never wanted to fly another. Alas on this winter’s flight it was on the airlines with the ‘Christmas incident’ Northwest/Delta, having no Virgin airlines heading to the US version of tundra. It turned out fine they seemed to be trying harder to provide stress free service. Once back home to the horses, I found them a day or so later with their stresses popping out problems all over. Instead of their quiet confident routine, they experienced a stressed-out style intent to have the chores taken care of without a quiet kind of heart and mind. Now all manner of ministrations are reviving their equanimity, bless their beautiful sensitive souls.

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