Happy New Year with Equine Massage

by joanieeditr on January 1, 2014

in Equine,Equine Massage

If you are wondering why to have me give your horses a massage it is because your horse is waiting for you to learn to ride better. In the meantime it is repeating all the waffly riding errors already installed.

It sounds stark or blunt but it is what it is. To really ride well a rider needs to access their deeper muscles to have the horse also follow along and use its deeper muscles. A horse is a mirror, remember.

This marathon process requiring a deep commitment (so usually only fellow horse nuts understand) can be attained more quickly when the ‘learning curve’ of the rider is swooshed out from the muscles and joints of locomotion in the horse. Subsequently every next best thing you find, from trainer, to minerals balanced to forage, works more efficiently.

That’s how my massage works. The premise being that the body is the higher authority. Attending to it with respect and providing it the tools it needs to self correct will help the rider carry-on. Yes, swooshed out is not a technical term but I’ speak to the horse. You then get to enjoy the camaraderie you have even more.

Happy rides in 2014!!!!!

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