Flying Saucers

by joanieeditr on March 5, 2015

in Equine

Best time of my life. I went on a flying saucer ride, that’s what we called them when I was a kid, whizzing down the ice field to get safely to my bottom barn. Who can I tell what a hoot it was if not others who send horses forward plus tend to all their needs.

I started out walking down the slope but quickly recognized the peril even with crampons strapped to the soles of my boots. Asking myself what should I do- go back, get a ski pole or what, I saw walking along using the fenceline for a railing would be a safe bet. Then the image of my flying saucer skidding me along popped to mind. Walking distance to either, or was equal.

This saucer I bought some years ago to move muck buckets when socked-in by the weather. Thoroughly dusty dirty I grabbed an empty feed bag, dropped down on it and off I flew hilariously guiding it as if starting off on a luge run. If I had let it run wild I would have been at the other end of the field.

It was wonderful! Can’t wait for my Nikkola Tesla flying machine to zoomzoom upon the ethers with as per his Dynamic Theory of Gravity.

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