Blanketing Horses

by Joanie Detlefsen on December 14, 2016

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The science and art of thermal dermal health of horses is in for a weather bashing. Having been with hundreds of blanketed horses in all manner of stabling facilities, barns and yards, as well as thousands of days of covering and uncovering and re-covering my steeds I have drawn some conclusions to make it smarter.

The smartest tip I live by is to read the dew point and blanket according to it. Blanket choice, preference, options get smarter all the time. Technical fibers, style detail, attention and care for horses skin health especially at the shoulder point have improved. But what has gotten more insulting year in and year out is geoengineering control.

Noting the weather schedule for the week and preparing ahead is a necessity for woodburning gadgets. I use them so I am a one step ahead strategy gal. Knowing ahead of time what the horses need to be blanketed in makes chores go faster so weather is a big part of daily news.

Watching the sky patterns of the geoengineering today was ho hum, this is getting ridiculous. The forecast tells you whats coming then the planes come and spray for it to happen.

But here’s the bashing. In all my years I never have seen subzero dew point temperatures. Okay?! Here we are in Maryland in December, the ground has not yet frozen. Our first big big cold is forecast tonight. And beginning at 4am the dew point is going to drop below zero, and continue dropping below zero all day tomorrow. Ridiculous. Who is doing this, that’s what I want to know. For one thing naturally, the temperature used to drop to the dew point. Say tonights forecast is 20F with a dew point of 17F. Dollars to donuts it would go down to 17F. It won’t go down to subzero here. Making it even more cruel to outdoor life. Well, plan ahead strategy rules.

Here’s what she says about California and generally the crimes in the sky with geoengineering.

[Something strange has happened at You Tube with this video. It has changed when it was uploaded, originally from 2016, now to 2010. It has been added to InfoWars as their upload but that is new in the past week. I downloaded the original upload earlier in December. It’s all an entirely strange agenda, no doubt.]


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