Custom Fitting

WOW saddles are custom built component by component to the contours of your horse using advanced materials, the best quality leather, and tight engineering.

For local fitting or remote fitting, a prime quality to a good fit is a secure saddle that is not moving on the back. Fortunately success is attained by meeting the individual needs of conforming to it through a number of options. An easy mistake to correct is wanting too much space at the front headplate, panel gullet area. A snug fit here with a WOW is the most comfortable and confidence building fit. This is the greatest uniqueness to one’s free range of motion with the state of the art engineering.

The EQUIFORM kit has all you need for a custom saddle fitting.

compare great value and comfortable fit
send your horse for a fitting via the Equiform.

Equiform is a thin breathable mesh that you form to your horse and ship to be fitted.

illustration of horse and man standing head to head

Annual Headplate Check.
Equiform kits have 2 layers of mesh

horse is watching rider prepare frame
A tray you assemble in 2 steps slips into a bag
sketch of frame in plastic bag tray

Drench the double layered mesh with hot water in the tray

Lift gently, shake off dripping water

taking equiform out of water bath
Allow to cool to comfortably very warm and present to your horse
sketch presenting equiform to horses' back

Place with forward edge in front of the withers squarely onto back

sketch putting form onto horses back

Move quickly, without haste, press firmly and form accurate shapesketch of horse standing for pressing form onto backMarker pen centerline of spine
sketch horse standing and line drawn along spineand again, marker pen – around each scapulae…both sides

sketch diagramming scapula

Lift off allow to cool as it quickly stiffens
sketch of finished equiform
Ready shipping box and send in, get a WOW demo or new saddlesketch of horse with finished form on its back

To understand more about a custom made WOW saddle fitting send the form at the top of the page. (enter name, email and click send)

Ship the finished Equiform to:

Joanie Detlefsen
Best Saddle Solutions
8613 Woodville Rd.
Mt. Airy, MD 21771

Your form fits a 30 x 15 x 10 box.
If recycling a used box the right length is often too tall.
To shorten the height, take a straight edge and mark, then score around the inside of the cardboard to fold to the desired height.

Instructions that come with your Equiform can be downloaded here,
Equiform – The Re-Usable Templating System (click the link)
Watch online Equiform video (click the link)

When you are fitting a custom WOW saddle for more than one horse, use one horse to fit to, then make adjustments to suit the other horses.

To use your custom fit saddle on other horses in your barn, check the differences and choose options that make comfortable modifications for them.

In the case of big differences there is often a workable solution and a highly satisfactory compromise. You will get unlimited support from us, we are not satisfied until you are!