Gift of a Good Name

May 16, 2016

Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth? How about giving the horse the gift of a good name. There are names that are challenging and names that are fortunate. It was news to me until I studied up on it. My own name, Joan or Joanie, seemed worth inspecting. With my last name sometimes […]

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A 9 Year Cycle

January 30, 2016

The significance of 2016 is in its numbers. To look at what their resonant meaning is, is to describe the fundamental activities shaping world events in a meaningful, long-view, as I see it. The century, 21, which adds up to a number 3 universally is defined by, the truth shall set you free. I agree. […]

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Truth-Out, A New Year, 2 0 1 6

January 27, 2016

At the summer solstice post I said I would be getting back with a longer, deeper insight into everyone’s innate truth-meter. It turns out, that has become the hub of a wheel with many spokes. I hope to describe these spokes and connect the wheel throughout the year in a series of posts. To be […]

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Lasting Energy in Performance Horses

July 6, 2015

Inspired by the first Triple Crown Winner since 1978, American Pharoah who made winning look easy, 3 times, I want to give some key factors about how short term and long term longevity is achieved. Oxygen availability needs are high. It is consumed voluminously by racehorses through the action of their body at speed. It […]

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What Helped Pick A Winner

June 7, 2015

The intriguing tool of astro-numerology applied to the Triple Crown races offered interesting insight. As a student in the Numerology Academy certification program I had a certain amount of information to go on for making a small correlation between the horses and jockeys. For a proper report that offers actual  literacy to guide spheres of […]

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Fracture Lameness in Horse

April 28, 2015

Like a dog who’s jaw involuntarily locks when it gets ahold of something, I wanted my racehorse’s back to be strong. Especially after retiring him from the track. His last race was at Pimlico and it was a December day. A Merry Christmas was sorely lacking in 2004 at my home. Already keenly involved in […]

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Naming Foals

April 8, 2015

Everything in the world can be described in numbers – colors, words, music, animals and plants, each emits a vibration. Vibrations reduce to numerical qualities with meanings. A Fortunate name or Challenging name, turns out it’s not for you to decide, it’s within its vibration reduced to a number. Here’s an interesting aspect to the […]

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