Being Flow: The Zone

December 23, 2017

There is a great new blogpost about Numerology in the Names of Horses over at the new site. To visitors for any WOW saddle, know that RaceEx is the focus of the path to the Triple Crown there, along with the astro-Numerology reports. It’s a work in progress – take a look if it’s in […]

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Magnifying Meaning of Horses Names

November 6, 2017

In previous posts on horse numerology,¬†using my understanding of the unique ancient system, Chaldean astro-numerology, were correlations between names within pedigrees. Often 5 crosses back at least to some extent. It is a big topic. There are many great angles to it. Horsemen will be able to get wide ranging uses from the upcoming reports. […]

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Goodness Afoot

October 9, 2017

Natural Path To Freedom, horses key to unlock the interactive universe —– Is coming into being with choice items from this shop and a whole new mix of astroNumerology fun with horses name reports. Tips from horses sensory intelligence and suggestions of best ways to make hay with their name numbers! Ultimately something for everyone. […]

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Balance In Horses

September 22, 2017

The title of this post has a multi-meaning. It’s a brain wave of various facets. It embraces horsemanship, riding, and astroNumerology – and today it is the autumnal equinox. The cosmic balance of equal light and dark.     The last posting I did before the 4th of July was with every intention that I […]

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Triple Crown Wrap-up Numbers

July 2, 2017

From the opening Grade 1 Stakes Triple Crown 2017 season. Here is a deeper look into the energy, excitement, fears, doubts, worries and euphoria of the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness Stakes, and the Belmont Stakes horses name numbers. A free report on pedigree research for a fortunate attraction or a horses challenge by given names […]

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Preakness Horse Show 2017

May 8, 2017

I have started to get pretty nervous going to see trainers this year. Is third time the charm? No, in my world view of awareness, it is more a moment of Truth. This particular moment of truth may not mean what you think so let me clarify. As my twitter handle mindfulhorse suggests and its […]

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Win This Race

March 21, 2017

Wear blinkers baby. Blinkers to win this race! I’m speaking metaphorically of course. About the rat race underway in country and the world at large. The horse industry being my voice as what I see is the greatest microcosm. Racing especially takes it to the elite level of not only athletes performing at maximum ability. […]

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Sale is On For Racehorses

February 11, 2017

Now is the time for a Happy Birthday Sale for horses registered in the Northern Hemisphere! For the month February – March 2017 Pony on over to the Shop & Buy during Sale! Tools for the Horse means a Quick & Easy Advantage **** Get the Discounts Now 30% off for Best Back & Best […]

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Blanketing Horses

December 14, 2016

The science and art of thermal dermal health of horses is in for a weather bashing. Having been with hundreds of blanketed horses in all manner of stabling facilities, barns and yards, as well as thousands of days of covering and uncovering and re-covering my steeds I have drawn some conclusions to make it smarter. […]

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Horses are Transport on Earth

July 22, 2016

Starting off, my business was to help horses. Then it came over me that it was because that would empower riders. By increasing horses ability with massage it turned into something of a lovely long learning curve to plasma scalar theory of Nikola Tesla and his proteges, for me. I formulated this notion that the […]

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